Easy Pumpkin Luminaries

As you {hopefully} already know, this week’s Falling for Crafts challenge here at One Artsy Mama is all about pumpkins!
Already, there are close to 60 fun projects linked up; ways to paint, decorate, bake, sew, and do all kinds of other things with pumpkins…be sure to check them out!  In the meantime, I thought I’d share our latest pumpkin project with you.
My mom subscribes to Good Housekeeping magazine, and she showed me a project in the last issue that I knew we just had to make:
They’re really simple and pretty cheap too; here’s how you can make your own.
– glass jar: it can be any size/shape you like.  GH used a mason jar; we got this one for $1 at Michaels.
– orange tissue paper cut into strips slightly longer than your jar is tall
– Mod Podge and paint brush
– black construction paper cut into shapes to make a face or other decorations
– battery operated tealight
STEP 1: Apply Mod Podge to glass and place tissue paper on top.  We wanted to cover the bottom too, so we just let our strips overlap underneath.
STEP 2: Use Mod Podge to adhere face shapes.
STEP 3: Let dry. {We turned ours upside down}.  Then, insert tealight and enjoy!
But, we didn’t stop there!  You see, Kim, over at Maiden d’Shade gave me an idea for another variation on the same project…instead of a mason jar or hurricane vase, she used votive holders!
When hubby and I got married {almost 10 years ago!} we used votive holders as part of the table decorations, which means there are boxes of them just sitting in my storage room collecting dust.  We pulled them out and Little Crafter and I made a few little guys…
They’re just too cute!  He wanted to make one for Ms. June and one for Ms. Beth, his special friends at the library who do storytime for toddlers.  And of course, he needed one for himself.  He had a list about a mile long of everyone who “needed” one of them, but by the time we’d made 5, the Mod Podge fumes were getting pretty heavy and I told him we needed to take a break.  I’m sure we’ll make some more another day so he can give them to all his friends. 🙂
What about you?  What’s your latest fall creation?
And I also have an announcement to make: The winner of the Tommee Tippee Newborn Starter Set is…
Colleen Maurina.
Congratulations, Colleen!  I’ll be in touch.
Happy Crafting,

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  1. Hi! Your Fabric Flower Wreath is going to be Featured tomorrow on the Make Yourself Monday blog hop from last week! Please grab a button on my left sidebar.

    OOO OOO OOO and PLEASE add this adorable Pumpkin Luminary to tomorrow’s Make Yourself Monday! I LOVE it!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. I am going to try this. I shop at Michaels cause they are better than Hobby Lobby on prices on some things. Will show you how I make out when I am done. Oh found you by way of The Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

  3. Hi Amy, what a delightful craft idea and one which can be used for any occasion. Thanks for sharing. I recently found your blog and am now following. I would love it if you visited my blog also and perhaps you would like to follow me. Hugs, Chris

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