Conversation Hearts Centerpiece

Wanna know what my favorite thing about the Shine on Fridays link parties is?
The way you inspire me.
Here’s what I mean.  Today, I made this centerpiece for our dining room table.


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For about three weeks now, ever since we put the Christmas decorations away and I emptied the ornaments out of my hurricane vase, I’ve been agonizing over how to festively fill it for this season.  {In case you’re new around here, I bought this vase about a year and a half ago, and I redo it every couple of months or so…it’s totally cheap, and a fun crafty challenge!  You can read all about it in my Cheap & Easy Centerpieces post.}
Last year, I filled with with the Valentine standard, conversation hearts, plus my white candle.
Which I liked…as did the members of our Bible Study group who kept snacking on them.  You could see considerably more of the candle by the time February was over.
But I wanted something different this time!
Then, at last week’s Shine on Fridays party, I spotted this Conversation Hearts Jar Greene Acres Hobby Farm…
she had written conversation topics on these hearts cut from scrapbook paper and placed them in a jar.
What a great idea!  Immediately, I decided that was the centerpiece I’d been waiting for.  Pretty, festive, and it even provides quality conversation!  So, today I got to work.
Here’s how I made my version:
 red and pink scrapbook paper
scissors and black pen
heart shape to trace {optional}
hurricane vase
red filler
STEP 1: The first thing I did was fold my 6×6 scrapbook paper in half, then in half again.
I found a foam heart that was the size I wanted and used that as a cutting guide.


STEP 2: I cut out 20 hearts, then wrote a conversation starter on each one.
Sample ideas:
“I love Mommy/Daddy/Little crafter because…”
“In the spring/summer/fall/winter I love to…”
“The holiday I love best is…”
“Some friends I love to spend time with are…”
“Places I love to go are…”
“The vacation spot I love most is…”
“One thing I love about Jesus is…”
“I love our home because…”
“On weekends, I love to…”
STEP 3: Fill the vase with red tinsel and place candle in the center.  Arrange hearts around the sides.



Quick.  Easy.  Cheap.  My kind of craft!  Although at some point I paid for it all, I feel like this project cost me absolutely nothing because I already had everything on hand from other crafting projects and holidays.
I can’t wait to show it to hubby and LC and see how fun our dinner conversation is tonight with the help of our very own “conversation hearts!”  Thanks, Greene Acres Hobby Farm for inspiring me once again {the first time was our cool monster pillows} to actually make something really fun!  And thanks to everyone who links up at our parties and shares great ideas each week!  You never know, your latest project might be someone’s newest inspiration!
Happy Crafting!


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