Clay Donut Ornament

Each year, our family exchanges ornaments at the start of the Christmas season when we put up our tree. I try to find clever ones that reflect something each person really likes, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find anything that featured Little Crafter’s favorite treat…a strawberry frosted, sprinkled donut. But never fear, I’m not the Artsy Mama for nothing, right? I decided to make him one using some clay I had in my stash. Check it out!

Clay Donut Ornament

Sculpey Premo! and Premo! Accents Clay, assorted colors
Sculpey Cabochon Mold
Eye pin
Foil lined baking sheet

Step 1: Create your donut base using the cabochon mold.
All I did was roll my clay into a long log shape and press it into the largest of the three donut shaped spaces in the mold. Remove any extra clay by scraping it off with a plastic knife or clay tool while it’s still in the mold, then carefully remove the shape.


Step 2: Make a circle of clay for the icing.
Little Crafter’s icing of choice is strawberry, so I used pink, but you can use any color you like.  Roll a long, thin piece and join the ends together by pressing gently with your fingers.


Step 3: Flatten the icing and place it on top of your donut.
In order to not squish the donut itself, you’ll want to do most of the flattening separately first, then place it on top and gently press it onto the donut base.


Step 4: Create multicolored sprinkles!
Roll as many tiny pieces of clay as you like and place them in a random pattern on top of your icing. Remember not to be too precise; real donut sprinkles aren’t perfectly arranged!


Step 5: Add an eye pin.
An eye pin is basically a piece of wire with a loop at the top. You can find these in the jewelry making section of any craft store or online. Press it into your clay and it will become the hanger you can use to attach an ornament hook.

Donut Ornament

Step 6: Bake according to package instructions.

Step 7: Display and enjoy!
All that’s left to do is hang this special treat on your tree.

Clay Donut Ornament

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  1. Love this! Our Macy’s had donut ornaments and my 3 year old is obsessed with them. I like this better though anf think we’ll have to make a couple!

  2. Hi! These are So Cute! Before I attempt them though I wanted to ask whether or not an adhesive is needed to apply/secure the frosting and (or) sprinkles to the donut before baking? In addition, is a Gloss or sealant applied before or after baking ? If so, what type do you recommend?

    1. I didn’t use an adhesive, just made sure to press them down firmly so that the clay stuck to itself. When it baked, it secured the pieces together. I did not use any type of sealer and now, several years later, it still looks great. If you want to use one, though, you can always use Mod Podge Gloss!

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