Guest Post: 5 Fun Springtime Activities

Ah, springtime is in the air…can you feel it?!  Take a look at
these great ideas for some Springtime Fun with the littles in
your life that my new friend Sara has to share with us today:
5 Fun Spring Activities for the Kids
The animals are emerging from hibernation, the flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are flying home from the south, and vibrant shades of green are beginning to peek through the trees again… That’s right! Springtime is here and with it comes sunny days and perfect weather. That means, just like the plants and animals, it’s also time for you and the kids to get out of the house and back outdoors to soak up rays of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Don’t let the kids spend their days trapped indoors watching TV shows and playing video games! Instead, as soon as the first warm day rolls around, get out of the house and enjoy one of these springtime activities with the kids:
1.      Go to the zoo
      Spring is the ideal time to pack up the kids and go visit all the animals at the zoo. The weather will be perfect whether it’s sunny or cloudy because the warm days won’t have reached their peak summertime temperatures just yet. And, just like you, all the animals will be out enjoying all the warmer temperatures as well. Plus if you’re lucky there might be some new little baby animals roaming around too.
2.      Get out on the water
The next time the kids have a lot of energy to burn off take them to a nearby lake or pond and take them out on a paddleboat ride or get some fishing poles and go fishing. Paddling around the lake is a fun way to get in some exercise and be on the water, and fishing is one of those relaxing activities that everyone can enjoy. Just be warned: they may get tired at some point and you may have to do all the paddling, and if you have any squeamish kids around you may have to bait all the worms.
3.      Have a picnic
When Spring rolls around it’s the perfect excuse to pack up a cooler of sandwiches, snacks, and cold drinks, grab a couple balls to play with, and head to a nearby park to have a picnic and spend the day. The kids will get to run around and play on all the playground equipment, you’ll get to relax outdoors, and when they get hungry you’ll be prepared with lunch.
4.      Break out the sidewalk chalk
Remember when you were young and used to play games like hopscotch and four square? Share these traditional games with your kids by drawing them with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and then playing together. You’re never too old to play with sidewalk chalk and everyone will have fun jumping around and drawing pictures.

5.      Dance in the rain
Springtime showers are the perfect excuse to break out fun raincoats and rain boots and take the kids outside to puddle jump and play in the rain. Every kid loves any excuse to get wet, and playing in the rain with your approval will make it even better! Plus there’s something nostalgic about joining in the puddle jumping fun.
Don’t let the kids stay holed up in the house now that Spring has arrived! Instead have some fun by getting outdoors and enjoying the weather.
Author Bio
Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She also helps in providing information on nanny jobs through her writing.  Learn more about her here.

Sara sure picked a few of our favorite things, how about you?
What do you love to do when Spring rolls around?

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  1. Such a fun post! We are gearing up for Spring in east texas (unfortunately this includes the pollen that coats everything in its path). The number one thing we look forward to is splashing in the puddles & playing in the wind.

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