BOO Wreath: Blythe

I am very excited to be doing my first ever guest post here at One Artsy Mama! I started my Desperate Craftwives blog last November and Amy was one of my first bloggy buddies, offering many words of wisdom to a newbie blogger. She even designed my cute blog button for me!

Fall is my favorite crafting season and even though it is only the beginning of September, I am already getting excited for Halloween and all the pumpkin festivals.  I have a Spring wreath ridiculously still hanging in my house, so even though it is a bit early, I decided I should make a Halloween wreath to hang in its place. It’s a good thing it turned out so cute since it will probably be there until Christmas!

What You Need:

  • Wreath Form
  • Black Burlap
  • Felt in Halloween Colors
  • BOO Wooden Letters
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Ghost (I glued googly eyes on mine for the cuteness factor)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbon

How To Make It:

  • Cut burlap into strips about 4″ wide (burlap cutting tip: cut a small slit at bottom, then take one strand and pull it all the way out, leaving a straight line for easy, straight cutting).
  • Wrap wreath form with burlap, securing ends with hot glue.

  • Wrap a Halloween-ish ribbon around wreath on top of burlap (mine has little candy corns on it).
  • Make felt flowers out of Halloween-colored felt:
    • Cut strip of felt. Fold in half lengthwise and sew bottom edges together. Cut down the top length with slits 3/4 of the way to bottom. Roll up into flower and sew through bottom to secure. 

  • Paint B-O-O letters with acrylic paint in matching colors – I used a mix of polka dots and stripes (can also Mod Podge on some Halloween scrapbook paper instead of hand painting).
  • Hot glue ghost, flowers and letters to wreath.
  • Hot Glue Ribbon on to back of wreath for hanging.
Thank you again to Amy for having me. Hope everyone has a Spooktacular Fall!


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