Monogrammed Wine Glasses: Date Basket Gift

So, I know it’s technically not quite time for the Handmade Holidays series to start yet, but I had this project to share with you that would be such a great, inexpensive gift idea!  You could use it for Christmas or for a wedding too!  Take a look…
Here’s what you need:
– stemware {I got these glasses for…are you ready for this?…50 cents a piece at Walmart!!}
Martha Stewart glass paint {I used translucent Frost}
– Small paint spatula
To create the monogram, all you do is cut out your desired monogram letter {the silkscreens come as two big sheets} and remove the backing.  Smooth it onto the stemware and press gently so it adheres.  Place some paint on the silkscreen and *very* gently pull down with the spatula to cover the screened areas.  This is a different project, but shows the process for you:
{thanks to my friend Erin, my “hand model”…lol}
As soon as your paint is spread, remove the silkscreen while the paint is still wet.  It will re-adhere multiple times, so you can use it for the other glass as well as any other projects you have in mind.  It’s best to clean it in between each use, though.
Let your paint dry, then you can either allow it to air-cure {which takes 21 days} or cure it by baking it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit.  To prevent breakage, place the glassware in a cool oven and allow it to warm up slowly as the oven heats.  You’ll also want to let it cool in the oven before pulling it out.
 Your glassware is safe for use, provided that your paint is at least 0.8″ from the rim of the glass.  These glass paints are non-toxic, but not officially “food safe” so be sure to keep the monogram on the center/lower part of the stemware.
Paired with some sparkling cider or the drink of your choice, these can be a special gift, either for your significant other, or for a special couple in your life.  And it only costs $1.00 {plus the cost of the drink, which was $2.99 for me}.  If you want to take it a little farther, you can create something like this Date Night Gift Basket!
Here, I paired the stemware and cider with two of my favorite romantic movies; Fireproof and Shall We Dance?  You could also purchase a book like 40  Unforgettable Dates With Your Mate by Barbara and Gary Rosberg or The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasion by Garry Poole.  And, of course, you could always add chocolate!
I’m pretty sure this would be a hit with any couple who received it.  What other DIY couple gifts have you received or made?
Happy Handmade Holidays!


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