Stenciled Holiday Plates

– glass plate
– Martha Stewart adhesive silkscreens and stencils
– Martha Stewart glass paint
– Martha Stewart daubers and
STEP 1: Adhere silkscreen to bottom center of plate.

STEP 2: Apply white glass paint and spread with


STEP 3: Adhere snowflake stencils and polkadot stencils to bottom of plate along each edge and use dauber tools to apply white glass paint.

STEP 4: To make permanent, bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  It’s recommended to put the piece in the oven before it heats up, and to let it cool in the oven before removing it. 

Because the paint is on the bottom rather than the top of the plate, it is able to be used for serving food.  If you choose to paint on the top instead, the plate needs to be decorative only.

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