After School Snack Chat


I (Erin) know we’re knee-deep in summer fun, but for some people, the start of school is approaching, and for others, you might be wanting a few, fun back-to-school ideas to prepare for in the next month or so. My eldest, Prince C, heads to Kindergarten this year (sniff), but he already has two years of preschool under his belt. One of the hardest things for me during his school time was not knowing what he was up to, and when he got in the car, Prince C offered very little details regarding his day. I finally figured out that if I just asked him one or two direct questions right after school instead of bombarding him with tons of questions, he was able to open up a lot better! I decided this year I’d take it a step further, and make a little game out of it. He eats lunch VERY early this coming year, and I know he’ll be hungry when he gets home, so what better time to chat about his day then after-school snack time? I’d love to show you the quick and easy activity I came up with to get Prince C talking this school year!

After School Snack Chat



-A can with a lid-I used a medium-sized (2.36 oz) Pringles can for this, and it was perfect!

-Scrapbook Paper


-Mod Podge

-Glue Dots

-Printable found HERE


Step 1: Cut the scrapbook paper and ribbon based on the measurements of your can. These measurements are for the can I used.


Step 2: Mod Podge the scrapbook paper on to the can, then use glue dots to attach the ribbon.


Step 3: Print and Cut the Printable! Found HEREThe game is super easy to play (and perfect during an after-school snack!) . Have your child roll one or two of the dice. Add up the dots on the dice, and pick the question that corresponds to that number. You can easily do this once, twice, or how many times your child wants to do it (or how talkative they are on that given day).


The game is small and portable, and can easily be stored in a kitchen cabinet, or on the dining room table. What a quick and easy way to get your kid talking to you after school, as well as give you a little down time before the craziness of evening activities. Check out the other posts in the Craft Lightning Back-toSchool series for more fun and easy ideas!


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