Metallic Bottle Vase

Metallic Bottle Vase

Friends, you know I love shiny things! Which is probably why I’ve been totally obsessed with Metallic Lustre {a quick-drying metallic wax} ever since I first tried it. So far, I’ve used it to transform a paper mache ornament, a wooden frame, and a clay bowl. Last week, after creating a Raspberry Peach Bellini Iced Tea recipe, I found myself with an empty glass bottle, and I decided it was the perfect surface for my next metallic transformation. It was really simple to do and turned something I would have just recycled into a pretty vase for my fall table!

Metallic Bottle Vase

Glass bottle
DecoArt Metallic Lustre {I used Champagne Ice}

Prep work: Remove any labels from your bottle and make sure it’s clean and dry before you start.


Step 1: Remove the labels from your bottle and apply a coat of Metallic Lustre.
I will say that it was a little trickier to apply to glass than it was to the other surfaces, but with a little bit of patience, I was still able to get good coverage. Let it dry completely, which only takes 5-10 minutes.


Step 2: Wrap a piece of wide lace around the bottle and secure it in the back with glue or adhesive dots.

Step 3: Tie a ribbon around the top portion of the lace. Make a knot in the front and trim the ends.


That’s all…three simple steps and your vase is ready to use! Mine was completed in less than half an hour and it literally cost me nothing, because I happened to already have all these things on hand in my craft stash.

Metallic Bottle Vase

The only thing left to do is fill your new vase with an assortment of your favorite gorgeous fall flowers! These happened to all be growing in our garden, so I picked a few and I’m loving the cheerful color combination.

Metallic Bottle Vase

Do you have empty glass bottles laying around the house from your own beverages? If so, it’s a great opportunity to reuse them and turn them into a beautiful piece of decor!

Metallic Bottle Vase

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