Spider Web Clay Bowls

Friends, I’ve got a quick, super-easy, and inexpensive fall project for you today! As we get closer to Halloween, why not make yourself one of these creepy crawly Spider Web Clay Bowls?

Spider Web Clay Bowl

Sculpey clay – black
Elmer’s Painters – white
DecoArt Metallic Lustre – Majestic Purple
Acrylic roller
Knife or clay tools
Baking sheet and foil
Muffin pan

Step 1: Roll out the clay to about 1/4″ thickness.
I used an acrylic clay roller, but you can also use a rolling pin or a jar…just make sure whatever you use doesn’t come into contact with food.


Step 2: Cut your clay into a circle using a cookie cutter, the top of a glass, or anything you can find that’s the size you want. Again, remember that while Sculpey is non-toxic, it’s not food safe, so use something that you won’t be using again later in your kitchen.


Step 3: Shape your bowl.
Turn a muffin pan upside down and center your clay circle over one of the muffin spots. Drape the rest of the clay down the sides and make a few tucks to create the rippled edges. Place the pan in the oven and bake according to the package instructions on your clay. Mine baked for 15 minutes at 275 degrees Farenheit.


When it’s completely cooled, remove the bowl from the muffin pan. Check out that awesome shape!


Step 4: Use your paint marker to draw a spider web design.
I drew lines connecting each of the bumpy spots to the one directly across from it, then also from the points in between. Next, I went around drawing little curved semi-circles in between each set of vertical lines until the inside of the bowl was covered.

Spider Web Clay Bowl

Step 5: Apply Metallic Lustre around the top edges of the bowl.

Metallic Lustre Majestic Purple

Guys, this is seriously my new favorite crafting supply. I am in love. It’s a creamy water-based metallic wax that you can apply with your finger to turn just about any surface a gorgeous metallic color. It only takes one coat for total coverage, and I am crazy about the way it looks!

Spider Web Clay Bowl

That’s it! As soon as the Metallic Lustre dries, which only takes a few minutes, your bowl is ready to use! It’s great for holding rings, small trinkets, paper clips, and more.

Spider Web Clay Bowl

What do you think? Would one {or a few} of these be a great addition to your fall decor? What would you keep in yours?

Spider Web Clay Bowl

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