Hand Lettered Fonts: Noelle Script & Latta Print

Friends, I have some exciting news for you! After several years of wanting to do this and not knowing where to start, I finally figured out how to turn my hand lettering into a font! In fact, I created two unique fonts, one print and one script, using my own hand-drawn alphabets and symbols. 

Before I show them to you, let me say that my real passion is always to actually letter by hand and to teach others to do the same. However, there are some situations where it’s nice to be able to type something and have it look hand lettered, like when you’re creating an invitation or a business card that you want to produce in large quantities, or when you want to cut a design from vinyl to create shirts and signs. I definitely don’t want my fonts to discourage anyone from learning to letter, but I also know there are times and places where these will be useful. I frequently have folks say, “I wish you could write this for me…” These fonts are the next best thing! Now you can have whatever you like written in my brush lettered style. 

The first is called Noelle Script, my lowercase brush lettering.

Let me tell you, creating a script font is no easy job! Print was a piece of cake, but getting every single letter to connect well with every other letter is time consuming and tedious. It took a whole lot of trial and even more error before this font actually worked. Noelle Script contains the uppercase and lowercase alphabet, along with all of the numerals and basic symbols.

To learn how to do this style of lettering yourself, check out my basic hand lettering tutorial and my beginner brush lettering post.

The second font is Latta Print, a minimalist print font.

This can, of course, stand on its own, but it’s also the perfect complement to the Noelle Script. When I create my lettered designs, this style of printing is what I most often pair with my brush lettering. Typically, I like to use all caps, but the font contains both an upper and lowercase alphabet, as well as numerals and some basic symbols.

To learn how you can write in this style for your own lettered projects, check out my Rae Dunn Inspired Alphabet tutorial.

Each font is available for purchase separately at Creative Market, but I also created a special Hand Lettered Font Duo pack. This includes both fonts and allows you to save money by purchasing them together.

Here’s a peek at some of what you get…

These are fun to combine to create all kinds of designs and projects. The files are available as both .ttf and .otf files; you can download whichever you choose {or both}. The proceeds from the fonts help me to be able to focus on providing more organic, craft and lettering-oriented content for you rather than having to fill the blog with sponsored content and ads. Thank you so much for your support of my business; I hope you enjoy the fonts, and I can’t wait to see how you use them!

Want to download them now? Click the links below to visit Creative Market:

Noelle Script

Latta Print

Font Duo

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Hand Lettered Fonts

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