Love with Actions & Truth Printable

Friends, as many of you know, we expanded our family through international adoption this past year, and that journey has taught me more about love than I ever imagined. I’ve come to realize that love is not just warm fuzzy feelings, it’s a choice we make every moment to care about someone else and their needs…even when {or maybe especially when} we don’t feel like it. For our new son, who doesn’t know how to believe in a relationship and a family that lasts forever, Love is showing up.

Every morning, my face is the first thing “Scout” sees as I wake him up for school. He watches me fill his water bottle with just the kind of ice he likes and fix his breakfast. Every afternoon, when he gets off the school bus, I am standing there with a hug. I sit at the kitchen table and help with homework. I prepare dinner or answer the door when the pizza delivery guy knocks. I drive him to OT. I pick him up from Math Club. I watch his swim lessons. Every night, I pray with him and hold him as he goes to sleep.

Is every day perfect? Far from it. Some days are great while others feel like an episode of the Hunger Games and I’m just glad we all survived. Some days are full of hugs and kisses and other days are full of arguments and frustration. But every single day, I show up. So does my husband. For both of our boys. That, friends, is what love means. Every day, we choose to show up. We try be the best possible parents to these amazing kids that God has entrusted us with. Sometimes we fail, but we try again the next moment. I think that’s what it looks like to love with action and truth. And I think that’s what will one day cause something to click in “Scout’s” heart, assuring him that we really mean what we say. I think that’s what will show him what forever family means.

I created this piece of art for myself as a reminder, and I thought some of you might like to have it too. You can click the link below and download it to your computer or device, then print it out. Hang it on your fridge or pop it in a frame and let it remind you that even on days when you feel like all you can do is show up, you are speaking volumes.



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  1. Just printed this out to try to duplicate (just been brush lettering for around a month!), and ONLY because I know you would want to know, the reference is 1 John 3:18 🙂
    Thanks again!

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