Acrylic Confetti Glitter Ornament

Acrylic Confetti Ornament

One of my favorite types of holiday projects is creating new ornaments each year. Here is a super-simple DIY Acrylic Confetti Ornament craft that’s inexpensive and looks amazing when it’s finished! Here’s how to make your own.

You’ll need:

Flat acrylic ornaments (mine are from Michaels)

Confetti Glitter, your choice of colors

Mod Podge (I used Glossy formula)


Permanent marker or paint marker (optional)

Step 1: Apply a coat of Mod Podge to one side of the acrylic ornament.

Michaels has a ton of these in all different shapes, and they’re less than $2 each!

Step 2: Sprinkle confetti glitter on top of the Mod Podge.

Don’t worry about covering every single spot. Play around with different color combinations for totally different effects! I used silver and gold, silver and blue, holographic, and multicolored, and they all had such fun, unique finished looks. Let this part dry completely before you move on.

Step 3: Apply another coat of Mod Podge on top of the confetti.

This will seal it in place. Then, let it dry.

Step 4: (optional) Hand letter on the front of the ornament with a permanent or paint marker.

For a quick and easy tutorial on faux calligraphy, check out this post…I promise, you can do it!

I chose phrases like “joy,” “peace and joy,” and “merry and bright,” but you can also use monograms, family names, or anything else you want to hang on your tree.

These make great gifts too, and would look gorgeous tied onto packages! I love the way each combination of shape and colors creates something totally different.

Which one is your favorite? This is such an easy project to do, and kids of all ages can help! My son enjoyed creating them just as much as I did.

If you try this project, I’d love to see your finished ornaments, along with any other holiday fun you’re working on. Share your photos with us in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group so we can all be inspired. Also, don’t miss my Countdown to Christmas DIY Ornament series and all the other ornaments in my holiday archives!

If you like this, be sure to save it to Pinterest and share with a friend! Happy crafting!

Acrylic Confetti Ornament

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