Hefty Box Tops for Education

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Hefty Box Tops for Education

Hey, friends! We all know that our local schools and teachers need all the support they can get, especially when it comes to things like school supplies or other programming needs. In the One Artsy Mama household, we love to participate in the well known Box Tops for Education program, because we can directly help our teachers and school out! All we have to do is buy products with the Box Tops logo, cut them out, and send them in! Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, and our school will get the cash. SO easy.

The only trouble is, I’m admittedly not awesome at keeping track of where I put the cut Box Tops and making sure they get turned in. I decided that this year we needed a system so I don’t drop the ball. Little Crafter’s teacher is actually the coordinator for Box Tops at his school, so I thought it would be fun to create a container she could use in her classroom and little matching containers that each student could take home and use to collect the Box Tops in. I was drawing a blank when it came to coming up with a clever idea, so I asked Erin to help me think of something that teacher, parents, and kids would love.

Hefty Box Tops for Education

One product we always need in our home are trash bags. When I went shopping at our local Walmart, I noticed that Hefty is the ONLY trash bag that supports Box Tops for Education! In fact, Hefty has raised over 3 million dollars for schools since partnering with the Box Tops program. There was no question which trash bags went home with me.

Hefty Box Tops for EducationIn fact, Hefty is doing something really cool this school year. For a limited time, on specially marked packages of Hefty Trash Bags there are 4 Box Tops! In other words, for every specially marked Hefty trash bags box you buy, you earn 40 cents for your school!

Hefty Box Tops for Education

We wanted to make sure that the other parents knew about the great opportunity to get so many Box Tops on a product everyone needs anyway, so we included a printable to go along with the collection boxes that lets them know. Here’s how you can create these fun boxes for your own students and school and take advantage of the Box Tops for Education program.

 Teacher School Bus Box Tops Collection Box


-Paper Mache Box

-Yellow Cardstock

-Wooden Wheels

-Black Paint

-Adhesive (I used glue dots)

-Decorations (I used black ribbon, Box Tops logos, orange vinyl, and white card stock)

Step 1: Cut the lid of the paper mache box. I cut about 1/3 of it off, so that the Box Tops could easily come out when turned over.

Hefty Box Tops for Education

Step 2: Cut out and adhere yellow card stock pieces to the sides, front, and back of the bus. The front bus shape is all one piece, and I went ahead and glued the ribbon around the “window” area so I could hide the ends with the side pieces of card stock.

Hefty Box Tops for Education

Step 3: Time to Decorate! You can do anything you want with this! I used the Box Tops logo in various places, so the kids would be able to recognize what was supposed to go in it. I used white card stock for the windows and used the black ribbon for edging. For a little dimension, I painted wooden wheels and used glue dots to stick them on the bus. If you want a really quick way to decorate, grab some scissors and cut things out in vinyl (like the little orange headlight). You just have to peel and stick them!

Hefty Box Tops for Education

Step 4: Print out or create a handout that can be displayed with the collection box, as well as be sent home to parents so that they know what’s going on! You can create your own, or use mine.

Hefty Box Tops for Education

Step 5: Collect those Box Tops and fill up that bus!

Hefty Box Tops for Education

In order to encourage collecting the Box Tops at home, I decided to make the kids their own personal collection box! I made it magnetic so they could keep it on the fridge, reminding them to cut and collect.

Student Bus Box Tops Collection Box


-Mini Paper Mache Box

-Yellow Card Stock


-Vinyl (Black, White, Orange)

The box is made basically just like the large collection box, only no lid was cut. Just cut out a yellow bus shape and glue it to the box lid. Cut out various shapes in the vinyl using your scissors and stick them on (including a fun logo!). Finally, glue on a couple magnets to the back of the box.

Hefty Box Tops for Education

Seriously, I can’t handle the cuteness of this. It’s the perfect home for those little cut out Box Tops. I love that it also matches the teacher’s classroom box, so that the kids can make that mental connection of what’s supposed to go in the boxes!

Hefty Box Tops for Education

Teachers can even send home a “mini” version of the handout, and it can be hung on the fridge with the bus magnet reminding parents not only to collect, but to especially buy those Hefty products with the 4 Box Tops!

Hefty Box Tops for Education

The Hefty boxes with 4 Box Tops is for a limited back-to-school time only, but you’re able to get Hefty trash bags year around! We particularly like the Odor Block ones in the Artsy House because they do a great job of getting rid of stinky trash smells in the kitchen.


What do you say, friends? Do you participate in the Box Tops for Education program? Is this a project you’d like to make with your child’s class?  I’m stocking up on Hefty to earn Box Tops for my school this year. What are your best ideas?

Hefty Box Tops for Education


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  1. That is such a cool idea. I bet the teacher will love having that to hold all the Box Tops. It’s much prettier than the file shelf we have at our school. I may have to steal this idea! #client

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