Framed Teacher Gift Idea

Image contains two handwritten and framed lists of five things students like about their teachers.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to make a teacher feel appreciated, try this easy DIY idea! All you need is a photo frame, paper, and markers, along with your child’s ideas. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Think of your five favorite things about the teacher.

As a former English teacher myself, I am a firm believer in the rough draft, so I encourage you to have your child jot down the five things he or she likes best about the teacher on a piece of scrap paper.

Image contains a piece of paper decorated with pink flowers and green leaves, with words describing five reasons a student likes his teacher.

Step 2: Write or type the list on a piece of paper.

If your kids enjoy art projects, they can get really crafty with this part, using colorful markers and hand lettering/doodling to create the list. Or, they can type it, choosing fun fonts and colors. Anything goes!

Image contains a piece of white paper with a teacher's name and a list of five reasons the student likes the teacher written on it.

Step 3: Pop the list into a frame.

All that’s left to do is frame this masterpiece and give it away! Teachers of all subjects and grade levels will love this gift, because it’s personal and comes from the heart. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear five reasons why they’re great?

Image contains a silver 5x7 photo frame with a list of reasons why a student likes his teacher inside.

Remember, there is literally no wrong way to do this project; it’s all about the sentiment. It’s sure to be a gift that’s treasured for years to come. If you try it, I’d love to see how your/your kids’ version turns out. Be sure you’re part of the Amy Latta and Friends Facebook Group so you can share photos of your latest projects and we can all inspire each other! See you there.

Image contains a collage of images from the post designed for Pinterest.

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