Because He Lives…

Happy Easter, friends!  Here’s hoping you have a day filled with blessings and joy.  We have much to celebrate.  I’m reminded of a good old Gaither song I grew up with that goes like this:

“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone.  Because I know He holds the future, life is worth the living just because He lives!”

In the midst of all our busy-ness today, we did take the time to make a special Resurrection craft I thought you might enjoy.  Here’s how we did it:

– disposable foil baking pan [we used 9×5; you can also use 8×8 or 9×9]
– paper or plastic cup
– dirt, moss, grass
– rock
– scissors
– flowers
– small sticks
– long piece of decorative grass or yarn/string
STEP 1: Cut plastic cup in half.
STEP 2: Fill baking pan with dirt and half-bury the piece of cup with dirt/moss…this will be the tomb.
STEP 3: Place large rock in front of cup.
STEP 4: Add grass.
STEP 5: Form a cross using small sticks and tie together with grass or yarn.  Push into dirt.
STEP 6: Decorate with flowers.  You can mist the flowers with a spray bottle to keep them fresh-looking.
Many thanks to my awesome friend Jessica S. who inspired this project by doing it with her girls and posting a really cool photo on facebook.  She also gave me the instructions.  Here’s the one her family made {I like hers better…lol}:
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Well, from our house to yours, Happy Easter!  Here are a few pictures from our day so far:
“Living, He loved me.  Dying, He saved me.  Buried, He carried my sins far away.  Rising, He justified, freely forever.  One day He’s coming, oh, glorious day!  Glorious day!”
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  1. Love the craft…love your blog…I am excited to be your newest follower…come check out my blog!

  2. Beautiful family. Great blog. I’m here from Debbie’s party and happy to be your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime.

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