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Mother's Day Gifts with American Greetings

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and this year there are two women in particular that I really want to celebrate. They’re very different, but both play huge roles in my life. One is my own mother, who has been a role model for me my entire life. Even now, as I’m grown with a family of my own, she continues to be my number one fan. I have never met a more loving and generous person, and I want to make sure she knows how blessed I feel to be her daughter.


The other is my best friend Erin. Not only have I watched her bring four beautiful children into the world over the past six years and be an incredible mom to them, I’ve watched her do most of it without having her own mother to lean on. Several years ago, Erin’s mother passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer and I know that loss continues to impact her life every day. Instead of being a joyful celebration for her, Mother’s Day is full of grief and a reminder of what she doesn’t have. So, I wanted to take time to honor her and try to bring some happiness in the midst of that sorrow as we focus on the amazing mother Erin is to her sweet kiddos.


I wanted to come up with something that would call attention to each of Erin’s four children, so I decided to create a hand-stamped necklace on a three dimensional blank that allowed me to put one name on each side. It’s a great gift for moms of multiple kids; here’s how I made it and you can too…

You’ll need:

Steel Stamping Block
Metal Stamping Hammer
ImpressArt Juniper Lowercase Metal Stamps
Rectangle Stamping Blanks
ImpressArt Stamp Enamel
Paper Towel or Soft Cloth
Necklace Chain
Jump Rings, Clasp

Metal Stamping Supplies

Step 1: Place your blank on the stamping block. Position your first letter stamp with the design side facing down and firmly tap the top of it with your hammer.

Tip – The stamps are labeled on one side with which letter they are; if that is facing you, your letter is right side up and ready to stamp. If the label is facing away, your letter will be upside down.

Step 2: Repeat until you have stamped all of the names/words.

How to do Metal Stamping

Step 3: Apply ImpressArt Stamp Enamel to your words, allow it to sit for 30 seconds, then wipe off the excess with a soft cloth.

The enamel on the surface will easily wipe away, leaving what’s down in the crevices to darken your words and make them easier to read!


Step 3: Thread the stamped charm onto a piece of necklace chain.

Erin tends to like her necklaces a little on the long side, so I made this one 20″ instead of 18.”

Metal Stamped Mother Necklace

Step 4: Use jewelry pliers to add a jump ring to each end of the chain and connect them with a clasp.

If you’re new to jewelry making, you might want to take a look at this photo tutorial for a quick how-to about this step.


Ta-da! You’re finished and the necklace is all ready to be gifted. The four sided necklace is perfect for Erin, a way to keep all of her kids close to the heart when she’s not with them {which, admittedly, isn’t often!}.

Metal Stamped Necklace for Mothers

My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t have four children…just me! And she only has one grandchild, Little Crafter. I decided to go with a different style of necklace for her; one that features the special name LC made up for her. I’m not sure why, but a few years back, he decided to shorten “Grandma” to “G-ma” and the rest is history. Of course, you can never find anything in stores with “G-ma” on it, so this will be a sweet keepsake for her. I followed the same process to stamp this that I did for Erin’s, just using a different alphabet set {Lollipop Uppercase} and one of ImpressArt’s new decorative pewter blanks. I think the roses are so pretty, and just Mom’s style.

Metal Stamping Grandma Necklace

I’m so pleased with the way the necklaces turned out! I love how personal they are, and I was able to make both of them for less than it would cost me to buy a nice piece of jewelry for one person.

Metal Stamping Necklaces

Once the necklaces were ready, it was time to find the perfect cards to go with them. I headed to Walmart and found a huge selection of American Greetings Mother’s Day Cards. There was something to help celebrate any mother; moms, grandmothers, friends, wives, aunts, sisters, and more!


I’m a total perfectionist when it comes to picking a card; I have to find THE one…just ask hubby! I read about ten really beautiful cards designed to be given from a daughter to her mother and considered several of them until I saw this one. It’s perfect. Sweet, meaningful, and something that will show her how much I treasure her.


When it came to choosing a card for Erin, my first instinct was to find something funny because she has a great sense of humor and we’re constantly joking back and forth. However, when I read this beautiful card, I instantly knew it was the one. It’s encouraging and lets Erin know exactly how I feel about her as a best friend and a mother to her kids.


I also picked up two gift bags {with glitter!} and some tissue paper from this display near the registers. American Greetings has really pretty gift packaging options for Mother’s Day gifts of all shapes and sizes. I chose a purple bag for my mom that has lots of words to describe her, and a flowered one for Erin.


All that was left to do was pick up a sweet treat to help fill up the bags. I grabbed two packages of Dove Fruit and Nut, because who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries and almonds?!


My gifts are all ready to go, and I hope that they communicate how much I love and care about these two very special moms in my life. What about you? Who are you celebrating this year? Starting April 25, Spend $5 on any American Greetings products, Save $2.


Just for fun, here’s a quick quiz before you to to see what kind of mother you are…check it out!

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    1. My stamps are from ImpressArt! Some of them are available at Hobby Lobby and some are on Goodybeads.com!

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