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It’s a gorgeous, sunny, 80 degree day here in One Artsy Mama Land.  Needless to say, Little Crafter and I didn’t get anything made today…he started asking for the playground immediately after breakfast!  So, for today’s post, I figured I’d share a fun idea with you that I’ve had going since October.  Here’s a super-thrifty centerpiece idea; all you need is a glass hurricane vase {got mine on sale!} and a cheap candle plus some seasonal accessories and you can change it out year-round!
Back around Halloween, I saw a picture in Family Circle magazine featuring a festive fall centerpiece idea.  It was a simple glass hurricane vase filled with candy corn and a white candle.  It was really cute, easy, and affordable, so LC and I went out to Michael’s [our mutual favorite store] and picked up the necessary supplies to make one of our own.  It was an instant hit, especially with our Bible Study buddies who come over every Tuesday.  I was shocked when I saw my friend Matt actually eating out of the centerpiece…then five minutes later I saw his father Mike doing the same thing.  🙂 
The original turned out great, but the really fun part is that I decided it would be equally quick and easy to change out the “filling” of the centerpiece every month or two to make it seasonally appropriate again. 
For the Christmas season, we filled the vase with cute mini-ornaments from Target {$5}.  No candle that time.  LC had a ball putting the ornaments in there.  Matt was disappointed he couldn’t eat them.
LC’s favorite was Valentine’s Day, when we filled the vase with two big bags of conversation hearts and the original white candle.  He had never tried the hearts before, so I let him sample a few as we worked.  Love at first taste.  I kept a separate bag for him of the ones that didn’t fit so he could snack on them from time to time…unlike “Uncle Matt” who resumed eating right out of the vase. 
Spring initially presented a challenge because Easter is so late this year.  My original intention was to fill the centerpiece with jelly beans, but it didn’t seem right to do it at the end of February when the holiday was still so far away.  Instead, I picked up these Gerber daisies on clearance at Michaels, plucked the heads off their stems and stuck them in with a candle my mother-in-law gave me over the holidays.  I stuffed some white tissue paper in the bottom of the vase to boost up the candle & help keep the flowers against the sides. 
I did buy the jelly beans too, and LC happily helped me make that switch on the first official day of Spring.  Matt requested the spiced ones…and has eaten so many that I’ve had to replenish this twice.
Most recently, Lil’ Crafter and I made a Passover centerpiece featuring Seder symbols, which went in…you guessed it…my trusty vase.  This was the priciest variation yet, because those decorative stones cost me ten bucks!  I bought a 3 lb bag first, but it wasn’t enough and the branch kept falling over, so I ended up back at WalMart the morning of our Seder buying more.  But I think it turned out really well.  Everyone loved it…even Matt, despite the crestfallen look on his face when he realized that the jelly beans were gone.  Not to worry, I’ll be putting them back in before Sunday morning.
For summer, I’m thinking seashells, specifically ones we’ve collected ourselves at Myrtle Beach.  This is a pic of something I made for in our beachy themed powder room; the jar is smaller, and I think for the centerpiece, I’d do less shells and maybe add the candle back in.

Well, there you have it, a thrifty year-round centerpiece that’s always seasonally appropriate and easy to assemble.  Just make sure you’re prepared for the contents to disappear…

PS- I noticed today that I now have 46 wonderful followers!  Yay!  Thank you for reading my blog!  I’ve also noticed that the happening thing to do in blog-land is to offer giveaways sometimes, so I’ve been thinking that when I reach 50 followers, I’ll have a giveaway to celebrate. 🙂  I’m thinking maybe a photo enhancement?  {See my Photo Fun tab}  If you think that sounds good, spread the word…only 4 to go!

Have a great day!

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  1. I love this idea!! What a cute, creative, and easy way to change out decor for the seasons! I am heading to follow you now, looks like you have surpassed 50, yay! 🙂 So I’ll be lucky follower 62 😉

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