P is for Pencil

With Little Crafter’s 3rd birthday right around the corner, I’ve had a lot of people asking me lately what our plans are for preschool.  While I don’t plan on homeschooling him for elementary school, we’ve decided that I’m going to handle his preschool education.  Frankly, I just couldn’t see paying the money for other people to do something that I want to do with him myself instead.  One of my favorite things is watching him learn, and that’s part of why I wanted to be at home with him during these early years.  So, in preparation for starting that this fall, we spend most of the weekend rearranging furniture so that Noah has a workspace downstairs…it was meant as a classroom, but he’s decided it’s his “office”.
To help him get excited about it, we got a pencil holder for him to decorate and put on his desk.  Michaels had them in a 6 pack for $2.99.   Here’s what he created:
ready-to-decorate pencil holder {ours were cardboard-y, but you can get any kind you want}
acrylic paint
acrylic or rubber stamps
Staz-On or other solvent ink
Mod Podge
INSTRUCTIONS: Paint pencil holder with any colors/design you like.  When dry, accent with stamps…Noah used alphabet letters which gave us a fun way to practice the ABC’s as we worked.  Apply a coat of Mod Podge over top to seal your art and give it a nice glossy finish. 
There are endless other possibilities for decorating these; you could use stickers, scrapbook paper, foam adhesives, ribbon, or anything you want.  You could make a collage of magazine photos and seal them on with Mod Podge…whatever you like! 
Noah decided to make one for his Great-Gramma too since she’s coming to visit tomorrow.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple, so he graciously decided to use those instead of his old favorite, blue.
He was soooo excited to put it on his very own desk and insisted that we fill it with writing instruments right away.
It wasn’t long before he was hard at work…
And speaking of this cute little guy, I’ve entered him in a Gerber photo contest on Facebook.
If you think he’s adorable, I’d love it if you’d vote for him {you can even vote once a day!}.
The site tends to run a bit slow, especially later in the day, but it’ll load eventually.
Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Oh bummer. The voting is only for U.S. citizens. Sorry, I definitely feel that Noah is super cute so he gets my vote anyway. 🙂

  2. Aaargh! Same sentiment above, I can’t vote from here too. I do think he’s really cute.

    Your decision to home school Noah sounds really practical and you get a lot of time together. Everytime my daughter learns a new word or new skill that her nanny taught her, I experience a little twinge of jealousy that it was not me who taught her that. But being a SAHM is not an option open to me at this time.

  3. The pencil holder turned out darling! Noah is so cute sitting at his desk all ready to learn! I’m over here from Creative Princess Link Party and am your newest follower. We do lots of Preschool stuff over at our house too. I’d love it if you’d stop by to say hello and follow back. 🙂

  4. way to go on the homePREschooling! that’s what i do with my little man. plus you seem like a natural!! i’m so glad that you linked this up to my party last week! what d’ya got up your sleeve this week?

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