New Year’s Time Capsule…it’s not too late!

So, how did you ring in the New Year?
We loved spending ours in Myrtle Beach.  Here’s a peek at how the Artsy Family welcomed 2012!
First, we took Little Crafter to the awesome “Noon Year’s Eve” party at the Children’s Museum of SC.  We always enjoy visiting the museum, but for New Year’s they outdid themselves.
 In addition to their regular exhibits, they had facts posted everywhere about how folks in different countries celebrate the holiday, and craft stations set up so you could try some of them…like this German Fortune-telling painting, which was a lot like a Rorshach test you made yourself.  They also had stations to make your own noisemakers from paper plates and TP rolls and decorate festive hats.  At noon, they had a grape juice toast and a balloon and confetti drop, which was lots of fun!
My favorite idea, though, was the little time capsules the kids got to make.  They had pre-printed papers to fill out about yourself in 2011, then you rolled them up and put them in little plastic containers with lids that looked like test tubes.  Then, next New Year’s, you can open them and see how much you’ve changed in a year…I actually wanted to make my own!
What about you?  Want to make one, or have your kids do this fun activity?  It’s not too late, January is just getting started!  I made up a quick little printable you can print and fill out, or you can come up with your own questions. 

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If you don’t have a plastic tube, just seal it in an envelope.  Pack it away with your Christmas decorations so that next year, you’ll pull it out at holiday time.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much Little Crafter has changed when we open his next New Year’s Eve!
Here’s how his reads:
Height: 3ft 1 in.   Weight: 33 lbs
Favorite colors: red, blue, and purple
Favorite foods: cookies, bagels, hot dogs
Favorite movie: Chipwrecked, Word World
Favorite toy: Elmo, Leapster
This year I learned to: Use the potty like a big boy
In the new year I want to: learn to cook {honest, that’s what he said!}
After the party, we hit the beach and enjoyed the 70 degree weather…sigh.
At 8:00, we saw Little Crafter’s first fireworks show, which he loved, then went back to the hotel for a little party with his “friends.”  He insisted that Grandma make a party hat for each one.
Festive, aren’t we?
He ate dessert with his buddies, we all danced around to a little music, then he went to bed while the rest of us stayed up to watch the ball drop and see a little impromptu fireworks display out on the beach.  It was a wonderful way to spend the day…what about you?
Stay tuned for more pics and stories about how we spent our vacation!

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