Spring Butterfly Craft

I seriously love that our local Michaels store not only has a great selection of crafting supplies, they also periodically have make-it-and-take-it events for kids {and sometimes adults too}!  Recently, Little Crafter got to make himself this cute terracotta pot butterfly there.  It only cost us 99 cents…you had to buy the pot…and he had a ball.
Here’s how you can make one at home.
– terracotta pot
– small styrofoam ball
– paint, your choice of color{s} and paintbrushes
– spray paint
– pom pom
– 2 pipecleaners
– 2 pieces of scrapbook paper, one patterned and one plain
– google eyes
– scissors, hot glue
STEP 1: Paint the outside of the pot and let dry.
STEP 2: While pot is drying, spray paint styrofoam ball and let dry.
STEP 3: Cut out two wing shapes, one slightly larger than the other.  The print paper should be the smaller wing, the plain paper is the larger.  Glue them together with the smaller one on top.
STEP 4: Flatten one side of the styrofoam ball, which will be the bottom.  Poke a hole in the top.  Fold pipe cleaner in half and insert into the hole, then curl the ends.
STEP 5: Bend second pipe cleaner into a C shape and glue onto top of pot {this will be the arms}.  Then, glue head on top of that.
STEP 6: Glue eyes and nose onto head.
STEP 7: Fold wings in the center and glue to back of pot.
Thanks, Michaels, for a fun and inexpensive afternoon of crafting!

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