Braided Anchor Bracelet

Hey there, friends!  Now that Memorial Day is past and we can officially start thinking “summer,” I thought it was time to break out some nautical and beachy themed projects to throw in the mix!  I ordered a fabulous anchor button awhile back just because I loved it, but I had no idea how to actually use it for anything.  I played around a bit, and here’s what I came up with!  Take a look…

Braided Anchor Bracelet



– turquoise {or other color} leather cord…mine’s from Lima Beads
– anchor shank button…mine is the Janie from Lots of Buttons
– jewelry end caps
– pliers and scissors

Step 1: Cut three strands of leather cord.  The length will be different for each person, depending on the size of your wrist, but measure your wrist and add several inches because the braiding will shorten everything.  It’s better to cut them too long than too short, because you can always cut the excess off.  Thread all three through the button shank and center the button on the cords.


Step 2: Tie all three cords in a knot on both sides of the button. This will keep it centered and prevent it from sliding.

Step 3: Work one side at a time, braiding the three cords and attaching an end cap.
There are lots of kinds of end caps you can get.  Some require you to glue your cord in; mine just requires pliers to tighten the metal in place.  Mine also comes with a length of chain, a jump ring, and a lobster clasp, so I didn’t need any other hardware.  If yours doesn’t, you’ll need to add a clasp.

Once both sides are finished, your bracelet is ready to wear!  And you are ready for summer!

This would also look chic layered with several other nautical themed bracelets or even just a few bracelets that are just braided cord in various colors.

I’m kind of afraid to ask what you think, because when I first showed this to some friends, I got mixed reviews.  Some loved it, some were iffy, and some were in the “no way” camp.  I guess I’ll still ask…what do you think of this? {at least no one can say this looks like vomit or changing a diaper, right?  Remember that manicure?  Yikes!}

Hugs & Glitter,

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    1. I believe mine came from Hobby Lobby. You can also get them online from and other sites with jewelry findings. 🙂

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