Crafty Chaos With Erin: Painted Geometric Shapes

Hey, friends! Today, my bestie Erin is here for her monthly post and she’s got a fun craft to share that helps little ones learn their shapes and colors while practicing fine motor skills…take a look!


Hello friends in One Artsy Mama land! I’m sure you’ve noticed by Amy’s facebook statuses that it’s hot, hot, hot here in MD, with lots of wonderful humidity. In other words, a lot of days for this pregnant mama to bask in the coolness of the air conditioning! It also means trying to find some things to do with two active little boys in an indoor setting. I’m going to give you two versions of this project. First, I’ll show you what we actually did, and the finished project, but keep reading, because then I’m going to show you the “Honestly” version!

Collin kept asking to paint, so I thought, “sure, why not”, grabbed some brushes, paint, and wax paper, and we were off!

Things you’ll need:
Wax Paper
Painter’s Tape
Construction Paper


First, I put down a “splash mat”, then using the painter’s tape, I secured two sheets of wax paper on the table. I threw down some brushes and bowls of paint in the middle of the table. The most important step? Stripping the boys down. Seriously. That’s how we roll here. As well as lots and lots of wipes, because they HATE paint on their hands. Let the painting begin!

Once the boys were finished, we let the paper dry, and did the quick “paint in the ole bag” activity. You’ll also notice that Jake and Neverland Pirates provided a wonderful background soundtrack for all the activities. Hee.

After the paper was dried, Collin and I brainstormed about what shapes he wanted to have. He called out a few, and we cut them out of the painted wax paper. We’re also learning colors too, so each shape received a different colored border.

Then, using the painter’s tape, we hung the shapes on the back porch door. This allowed the sunlight to catch the colors, as well as let the boys see their masterpieces. We practice pointing to the different shapes or color, and the tape allows the boys to move around the shapes easily. I’d love to make more shapes so they could make scenes or creatures, or whatever else comes to mind!

So wasn’t the sweet and simple? Don’t your hearts just melt at the sight of little boys doing crafts and excited for learning? Shall we play the honestly game now?

Honestly? I’m about half way done with this pregnancy, and still exhausted. A storm was coming, and it was hot and humid, and combined with my hormones, my head was about to explode. However, I have set a goal for myself to try and do some activity with the boys, at least once a day this summer. I have come to terms with the fact that my boys are BOYS. Ya know the kind-wonderful and LOUD, and physical and LOUD, and gross motor activities is’ But I do like to try and expose them once in awhile to more “fine motor” projects. Ha.

Honestly? They painted for, um, 2 minutes. Maybe Collin did more, but Cam gave up, threw his wet brushes on the carpet, the dog, and well, himself. See?

OK, fine, let’s cut out the shapes. Well…Mommy forget the wax paper was left out. See? And honestly? That’s my kitchen. Only today the dishes are piled higher, waiting for the boys’ naps. Honestly though? I’ll probably nap too and let the dishes sit for a little while longer.

Honestly? The boys tore open the paint bags (after I had taped them shut and everything) and paint went everywhere.
Honestly? I was in the living room and the boys ran into the dining room, and tore all the shapes off the glass. Honestly? I repaired the shapes (one still has a hole in it), but I was crying the entire time out of frustration. Ha!
I’m sharing this because I want you to remember that the crafts you see on Pinterest and all, with the smiling, happy children, and everything is perfect and there are singing birds and talking animals, well? A lot of the time it’s just not how it really is. My boys did have a good time, even if it was for 1 whole minute. And they were so excited to show Daddy when he got home (and Daddy graciously ignored the sink for me). That’s what makes it worth it to me.

And honestly? I’m writing this blog post, while potty training a three year old wearing big boy undies for the first time today, and a naked two year old who refuses to wear his clothes. Crafty chaos at its finest. Man, I love this! =)

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  1. Great post! I love that you turned it into a “twofer” activity with the paint in the bag afterwards. (Although I am very sorry that it didn’t work out so perfectly…)

    PS: My dirty dish pile is bigger than yours, Erin! Sigh. Oh how I long for a dishwasher… Or my kid to be old enough to wash dishes…

  2. Thank you for this activity! I am trying to keep my little guy (a few months into 2) busy when I’m home with him this summer with fun crafts like this. I especially loved the honestly because my little guy is ALL boy and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles!

  3. Your “honestly” section made me laugh and laugh. I have memories of what my kitchen looked like after “baking” with two young daughters. You and Amy are rock stars. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your “honestly” story. Being a mom is the hardest, most fun you will ever have. Blessings on your day.

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