Fashion Friday: My Latest Stitch Fix

There are several exciting things about today: it’s Friday {yay!}, there are only 19 days until Christmas {double yay!}, and I got my third Stitch Fix!  It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Saturday the 7th, so when it showed up on my doorstep Thursday afternoon, I just about did a happy dance for all the neighbors!


In case you missed it the other times I talked {ok, raved} about Stitch Fix, it’s an online deliver-to-your-door way to get great fashion that’s handpicked for you by a personal stylist.  Get out, right?  You complete an extensive profile, which is actually really fun to do, to give your stylist an idea of your body type, shape, and size, as well as your style preferences.  Then, you schedule your first Fix, which costs $20 that will apply to anything you purchase from your Fix.  Your stylist will choose five items she thinks you’ll love and ships them right to your door where you can try them on in the comfort of your own home and with your other clothing and accessories.  I think that’s my favorite part…it’s so much nicer to actually see how things look with your own jewelry and other wardrobe items instead of just trying to imagine in the dressing room how it will work with what you already own.


Tarah Flutter Sleeve Blouse

My thoughts: The price is good, $28, and I love the color and the style of the sleeves, but the fit is just off.  Too snug in some places and not fitted enough in others.  It’s not flattering {at least I don’t think so}, and when I move my arms, the button holes in the chest area gap open…not good.  This one is going back.  {But don’t you love my Kluster necklace?  Fun!}


Cattie Belted Dot Print Dress

My thoughts: I love the fabric and the belt.  The back is cool too; it comes down in a “v”.  That being said, I’m not quite sold on the sleeves and I feel like it’s a little too snug for my comfort, both physically and mentally.  I feel self conscious in it {hence my arms in front of me, haha!}.  I’m not sure a size up would help, because I think it fits, it’s just the cut of it?  Maybe?  What do you think?  The price tag is $78, which I’m thinking is too much to pay for something I don’t feel gorgeous in, right?

FYI: Necklace – Julie Vos, Bracelet – Charming Charlie




My thoughts: I love everything about this dress.  I am an absolute sucker for anything in the fit and flare style, and my stylist Lauren knows it.  It’s the same basic style as the red Olivia dress she sent me in my first fix that I fell in love with and have worn multiple times already.  I am also a big fan of the color.  I don’t really have anything else this shade of green, but I think it’s perfect for this time of year and is a nice change from the colors I wear all the time.  I favor jewel tones, and this is a new one for me.  The price is a little steep, at $88, but I’m thinking it’s a keeper…after all, it’s almost my birthday…

FYI: Necklace – Kara Star from Kendra Phillip, Bracelet – Charming Charlie, Belt – Pick Your Plum


Milo Pleated Skirt

My thoughts: So, right now we’re focusing on the skirt, although the cardigan is one of the items itself.  I like the color {purple for the Ravens, you know!}, I like the twirli-ness, and I like that it’s a decent length.  It’s very high waisted, but I don’t necessarily mind that since it helps cover up that darn “mommy pooch.” Price tag: $48.  Thoughts?

FYI: Bracelet – Charming Charlie, Belt – Pick Your Plum



Now, onto the cardigan itself.
My thoughts: I’m really digging it!  When I first saw it all by itself, I wasn’t sure I liked it, but when I put it on I actually did…a lot.  The trim, in case you can’t tell is black with metallic gold running through it.  So, instant points for being sparkly.  Lauren, you sneaky stylist you.  I’m not sure if you can tell or not because of my hair, but there’s a little faux Peter Pan collar that is actually quite cute.  I feel like this would be really versatile…as you can see, it already works with two other pieces from my Fix.  The price on this one is $48.  Thoughts?

The Verdict: As of right now, I’m definitely returning the blue blouse, and probably the polka dot dress because I’m not totally comfortable in it.  The other three items are all still on the table.  I’d love to hear which ones you think I should keep!  Talk to me!

Then, go on over and try Stitch Fix for yourself!  It only costs the price of whatever you keep, and you don’t pay any shipping for the box or for the things you return.  It’s pretty much risk free since the $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you purchase.  You can specify your price points too and give feedback after each Fix to help your stylist for the next time.  You can sign up for monthly fixes, or schedule them one at a time whenever you like.  What’s not to love?  Yes, I get a referral credit each time someone signs up for their first Fix using my link {you’ll get your own link to share with friends too}, but I really want you to do it because it’s so incredibly fun having someone style for you!  I always wanted to have that experience, and now I can have it in my own home in an affordable way…it’s worth doing at least once!

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. Love love love the green dress! Hands down, the best of them all. I love the skirt, the color is just the most lovely shade. I love the cardigan, too. If I had to pick ONLY two, I would pick the green dress and the cardi.

  2. Amy, you are inching me closer and closer to trying out Stitch Fix! I love that the $20 styling fee just goes right toward any purchases you make. Of all these stellar looks, I have to say I’m most digging the cardigan and the green dress. Definitely worth the extra moolah, especially considering Christmas and your birthday are coming up! Great finds!

    1. Aw, thanks, Amy! You definitely should; every girl should have a personal stylist experience at least once in her life…and this one is risk free!

  3. I love the skirt with the cardi and the green dress they really look fab on you. I really don’t like the blue top and the other dress I’m not sure of! 🙂

  4. I absolutely fell in love with the cardigan – would buy it immediately! And the dress is lovely on you as well. Skirt is ok, but way behind first two items and probably not worth the price (I love the colour though).

  5. Amy – you are darling in all of it!!! I don’t know how you can choose. I agree, the green dress and cardigan are darling! And very versatile, you can wear it year-round, so I’m sure you will get your money’s worth! I would get the purple skirt, too. I think it’s adorable, and since it’s a solid color, there’s lots you can mix and match with it. It would be darling with a button down crisp shirt tucked in (Hi-waste is so in right now) and the cardigan. My favorite piece is the cardigan – LOVE the Peter-Pan collar! OK, now I’m on my way to the Stitch-Fix site, to sign up – I’m sold! Thanks for the info . . . Happy Weekend –

  6. Love the green dress. It looks like “you” and you obviously feel best in it- your face is happier and relaxed in that photo. Don’t like the other dress- it seems tight across the chest, but I wouldn’t do a size up, you’re right. Not really a fan of the skirt, either. I think the cardi would depend on if you would get a lot of use out of it. Bottom line: go for the dress! (and every time I read one of these I think “maybe I’ll try that…if they know I’m cheap. Like cheaper than Amy.” 🙂 Looks like so much fun!

  7. I love the cardigan. I received it with my last fix and I have worn in multiple times with different looks. It goes well over a solid tank and jeans or one of my favorite strapless tea dresses. It looks great on you!

    1. Yay! Isn’t it fun? I’m wearing it today with a black dress, leggings, and boots. I just wish it weren’t dry clean only. :p

  8. I needed a green dress this month and this is the one I received from Stitch Fix. I sent in back and now that I have seen how you styled it with that black belt and boots I am kicking myself. I should have kept it! I loved the fit and flare too

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