Mini Football Field Craft

Thanks to Elmer’s for sponsoring today’s post! I love being a part of their Crafty Mamas team, but rest assured that all opinions are honestly my own.

Fall is fabulous for so many reasons, but one of our favorites here in the Artsy House is that it’s Football Season!  We are avid Ravens fans around here, and we also manage a fantasy team, so we get excited about all things football.  Little Crafter and I took advantage of the season to create our own little mini-football field in a pot using supplies we had in our crafting stash.  It was super-easy and he is so excited about it…take a look!

Mini Football Field

– small terracotta flowerpot
– green spray paint
Elmer’s Painters white paint marker
– yellow craft sticks {or plain ones and yellow Elmer’s Painters marker}
Elmer’s Glue-All
– scissors
– potting soil
– grass seed

Step 1: Paint your pot green and let it dry completely.  It will most likely need more than one coat.

Step 2: While the pot is drying, prepare your craft sticks.  If they are plain, use a yellow Elmer’s Painters marker to color them and let them dry completely.  Once the sticks are dry, or if they are already colored, you will need to cut them and glue them together in the shape of a field goal post.  You’ll want three short pieces {two with a rounded end and one without} to form a “U” shape, and a longer piece to attach to the bottom of the “U.”


Step 3: Use a white Elmer’s Painters marker to mark yard lines around the rim of your pot.


Step 4: Fill the pot with soil and add grass seed.



Step 5: Push your goal post into the soil.


 Water the seeds daily and place the pot in a sunny location, and before you know it, the grass in your field will be growing tall!

Mini Football Field

What do you think?  You could always customize this project too, by using your favorite team’s colors, logo, or anything else you like!
Little Crafter has been enjoying watching the grass grow and he shows it off to everyone who visits.  Do you know some football fans who might enjoy it too?


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