Big Game Fun with Cheez-It and Pringles

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Hey, friends! As you know, we’re gearing up for the Big Game {and all the semi-big games leading up to it too} here in the Artsy Family. We are huge football fans, and even though our favorite team isn’t going all the way this year, we’re still excited about watching the rest of the playoffs and seeing who comes away as champions! If you’ve been following along lately, you know I’ve been busy coming up with some tasty desserts to enjoy while we watch, but I also wanted something we could snack on that was a nice mixture of sweet and salty. Here’s what I created…and how you can make it too!


Cheez-It Grooves Sharp White Cheddar
Mini Pretzels
Buttered Popcorn
Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
White Chocolate Chips


Mix your ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy! I personally love the combination of flavors…the cheese, the butter, the salt, and the sweetness of the two types of chocolate…yum!  The best part about it is that you can eliminate anything you don’t love {or are allergic to}, add in anything else you want, and add in whatever amounts of things your family and friends like. Unlike a cake recipe where you have to carefully measure out your ingredients, here you get to eyeball it and add in whatever looks like the ratio you prefer. Like more salt? Use more of the Cheez-It Grooves and popcorn. Prefer things sweet? Add in more chocolate chips. You can customize it however you like and make as much or as little as you want at a time. How’s that for an honestly doable recipe?


The Cheez-It Grooves are also available in Original Cheddar and Zesty Cheddar Ranch, so you could swap in a different flavor or even add more than one kind to your mix for variety. I found mine at my local Walmart, where there was no shortage of choices.


In the meantime, we’re not only snacking, we’re also showing our team spirit! We don’t have a flag for our favorite team like some of our neighbors do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show our support too. Little Crafter and I decided to create a team spirit windsock, and the best part was that it cost us basically nothing to make.


Instead of buying materials, we wanted to “go green” and use things we already had around the house. I recently bought a can of Pringles {my absolute favorite chip to snack on!} and we thought that the empty can would be the perfect base for our project. After, that is, I took care of those chips.


Here’s how we made it:

empty Pringles can, cleaned, with lid removed
crepe paper
brown and white construction paper
Elmer’s glue
scissors and/or paper cutter


Step 1: Cut your brown construction paper to fit around the can, then tape it in place.


Step 2: Cut two 1″ wide strips of white construction paper and tape/glue them around the top and bottom of the can. Cut four strips that are 1/4″ wide and glue them in the center to represent the laces of a football.


Step 3: Cut eight 12″ strips of crepe paper. I cut four each of our team’s two main colors. Turn the can upside down and tape the streamers to the inside, alternating colors.


Step 4: Attach a piece of ribbon or string to the top of the windsock as a hanger.


Now you are ready to show your team spirit! I’d definitely keep this inside or keep an eye on the weather because it won’t hold up so well in snow or rain. For right now, ours is hanging on a doorknob in the house and it looks great. What colors would you use for your team?

Hope you enjoyed these ideas to help you get ready for the Big Game! What football snacks and crafts do you make in your family?

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