Framed Stencil Art for Kids

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Have you ever heard the saying, “If it isn’t messy, it isn’t fun?” More often than not, when it comes to crafting, that’s entirely true! Especially when it comes to crafting with kids, the messier a project is, the more they enjoy making it. I’ve talked to lots of moms who try to avoid those kinds of projects because they don’t want to deal with the cleanup, but I’ve found that as long as I have some Wet-Nap® Antibacterial Hand Wipes on hand, just about anything can be an easy cleanup craft. I stock up on them at my local Walmart so we’re always prepared for whatever project we might dream up!

In our family, we especially love to use paint. Acrylics, chalky paint, fabric paint, metallic paint…you name it, we play with it. Just recently, when I went to Haven Conference, I got to do a fun make and take project where we painted on the glass part of a photo frame then put patterned paper behind it to make a cute piece of decor. I decided to adapt the project for Little Crafter so he could make a new piece of art for his room!

Spaceship Art

This project is “honestly doable”, even for kids, because it costs next to nothing {you probably have most of the supplies in your crafting stash} and it only takes about 10 minutes! Here’s how we did it, and you can too!

Framed Stencil Art

– photo frame with a glass insert
– assorted paint {I used Modern Masters Metallic Semi-Opaque Green Apple and Martha Stewart Metallis Silver}
– sponge brushes
– stencil
– fabric or patterned paper
– scissors
Wet-Nap® Antibacterial Hand Wipes


Step 1: Remove the glass insert from the frame and clean it carefully. {Tip: Don’t spend a fortune, you can find really inexpensive frames at yard sales and your local thrift store!}

Step 2: Place your stencil on top of the glass and use a sponge brush to apply paint. Your child can choose any stencil her or she likes; part of the fun of this project is how easily it can be personalized! Little Crafter and I always say, “Love you to the moon and back,” so he likes anything with moons, stars, and spaceships. So, this cardboard stencil set has been a favorite of ours for awhile; it’s from Handmade Charlotte and also includes planets, letters, and more.


Step 3: Remove the stencil carefully while the paint is still wet.


Step 4: Remove any excess paint. This is the first way the Wet-Nap® Wipes come in handy. See how there’s some paint smeared up at the top of the rocket where it bled under the stencil?


Just take a wipe and very carefully remove it, leaving a nicely stenciled image. Easy peasy! Then, let the paint dry completely before moving on.


Step 5: Place a piece of fabric or patterned paper against the backing of your frame, where a photo would normally go. Put your glass on top with the painted side up and insert it all into the frame.


That’s really all there is to it! Just a few simple, quick steps and you’ve got a personalized piece of art! Kids of all ages will enjoy this project, including “grownup kids” like you and me! The possibilities are really endless, because you can combine any stencil, paper/fabric, and paint colors you can imagine!

Step 6: Clean up! If you’re anything like us, you’ll have paint all over your hands at this point, so grab a Wet-Nap® wipe or two and clean it right off. They’re safe on hands, as well as on faces and bodies, so you can feel good about using them on yourself and your kids. Plus, they even moisturize with aloe instead of drying out your hands like some wipes do. If you’re smart, you’ll put down some type of drop cloth, like newspaper, a paper bag, or an old sheet when you’re working…but if you’re like us, you may find that you got some paint on your deck or table instead. No worries, the wipes can come to the rescue there too. {whew!}


I wish I could get a photo that captures just how cool this really looks in person when the light hits the metallic paint. Unfortunately, any project involving glass is always hard to photograph and show off the full extent of its awesomeness. So, what do you think? What stencils would you and your kids choose?

spaceship art for kids

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