Nursery Door Art

Nursery Door Art

I (Erin) hope you’ve been enjoying some of the nursery decorations for my sweet baby girl! Today’s project is another super easy, honestly doable creation that you could do for any room in the house. I had a print that I thought was perfect for the nursery door, and I wanted an easy way to display it. Keep reading to see what I did!


-Canvas (I used an 11×14)


-Adhesive  (I used spray adhesive)

-Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut your fabric to fit the canvas. I used fabric from the actual room because I thought it was a nice tie-in.

Nursery Door Art

Step 2: Glue fabric to the front of the canvas (I used spray adhesive).

Nursery Door Art

Step 3: Turn the canvas over, fold the edges, and hot glue to keep in place.

Nursery Door Art

Step 4: Adhere your print to the front of the canvas. I used spray adhesive, you can use anything you’d like!

That’s all there is to it. It took me very little time to create it, and I love that it adds a quick punch of color to the door. In case you were wondering, it’s hanging on a command hook, so it’s also easy to change out! You could do it with a photo, a print, and use any fabric you’d like to match the room!

Nursery Door Art

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