Outdoor Projects for $5 or Less

Outdoor Projects for $5 or Less!

Friends, if you’ve been following along with the blog lately, you know that this year I’ve been focusing a lot on our outdoor spaces! Last year, when we moved into this house, I was so busy getting the inside to look just how we wanted it that I didn’t do much at all outside. This year, though, we’ve put a ton of effort into our garden and patio and made a lot of improvements without spending big bucks! Today, I wanted to share with you my latest project, Tablecloth Pillows, along with five other outdoor projects you can complete for $5 or less…take a look.

Tablecloth Pillows

This project is so easy that I felt silly making it into a post all on its own, but I did want to share it because it’s so incredibly cheap and simple to do! Recently, I created an Outdoor Banner for my patio using a vinyl tablecloth and some Oly-Fun, and I thought it would be perfect to have matching pillows I could put on the chairs. There was plenty of tablecloth left, so I whipped up two of these in no time. The tablecloth only cost $4 at Target to begin with and I could have gotten at least 6 pillows out of it…which is a steal, compared to what you normally pay for decorative outdoor pillows, right?

Tablecloth Pillows

To make these, all I did was cut out two 16″ squares of the vinyl tablecloth per pillow. In fact, I folded the tablecloth in half and cut on the fold so that I had one less seam to sew. I placed the right sides together and sewed around the cut edges with a 1/4″ seam, making sure to leave a gap open for turning and stuffing. I turned the fabric right side out and stuffed it with Poly-fil, then hand stitched the opening shut with a needle and white thread.


These pillows are waterproof and so easy to clean, and it took me less than 10 minutes to make two.

Outdoor Banner

These bright outdoor banners are simple to make, requiring just a vinyl tablecloth, Oly-Fun or other outdoor fabric {optional}, scissors, and some sisal. I was able to whip them up in no time at all and I love the festive look they give on my patio.

Outdoor Pennant Banner

In fact, I liked the original so much that I created a matching one for the other space on my patio! I love how it brings all the colors together and gives off such a cheerful vibe. So far, these banners have been rained on several times and been caught in some wind and they still look as good as new.

Outdoor Banner

Polka Dot Flowerpots

If you’re planning on planting herbs or flowers this year, but don’t have a ton of garden space, try creating these bright and fun polka dot flower pots. Terracotta pots are pretty inexpensive, and you can use any multi-surface or acrylic paint you like. Add some dots with either vinyl or paint, then seal them to make them waterproof, and you’re ready to grow.

Polka Dot Flower Pot

Stamped Garden Markers

Label your herbs with these pretty little stamped garden markers. All you need is wire and metal stamping blanks, plus your favorite alphabet stamp set.

Metal Stamp Garden Markers

Beaded Mason Jar Lanterns

Looking for fun projects the kids can enjoy too? Create these simple but pretty mason jar lanterns to hang from your deck or a tree in the yard. A jar, wire, beads, rice, and candles are the only supplies you need. You may want to consider battery operated candles for safety and convenience!

Mason Jar Lanterns

Fabric Covered Flowerpot

Use up your fabric scraps to cover an inexpensive terracotta pot, making it a one of a kind decoupaged piece of art.

Fabric Flowerpots

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