Patio Makeover & an Outdoor Banner

Special thanks to Big Lots for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are my own.Patio Makeover & Outdoor Banner

It’s finally the time of year when we’re all ready to spend time enjoying the great outdoors! Whether I’m relaxing with family, entertaining our friends and neighbors, or just taking some “me-time,” I want to be out in the sunshine as much as I can. Last summer, we had just moved into our new home, so we were focused on fixing up the inside of the house the way we wanted it to be. This year, I can actually turn my attention to the outside and work on creating outdoor spaces we love. Recently, I showed you all the DIY Rose Garden we created, which is a sweet little oasis perfect for sitting, chatting, and reading. But we were also in need of an outdoor space for entertaining. The patio furniture we brought with us from the old house was in sad shape. The umbrella was long gone, after wasps decided to build a nest in it about five years ago. One of the chairs was gone too, because of a giant tear in the seat. All in all, not very inviting, right?


We decided it was time for an upgrade. Hubby gave me full reign to pick whatever I thought would look and fit best on our deck. I headed to our local Big Lots in search of a round table that was larger than what we had. This Wilson & Fisher Tahoe Glass Top Table is the perfect size at 50″, plus I loved the painted top. It’s actually glass, but looks like granite. The Lazy Susan is a fun feature that will come in handy when we’re eating outdoors, and for now it’s a great place to put a few citronella candles. The Resin Stack Barrel Chairs I chose to go with it are sturdy, stackable, and easy to clean. They were also quite affordable, so I’m considering grabbing a few more to have on hand in case we ever need extra seating.


When it came to choosing an umbrella, you know I was all about color. I spotted this gorgeous teal one and knew it was coming home with me. It fits perfectly in the Wilson & Fisher Black Round Umbrella Base, which is made of granite and very heavy. I was really impressed by the selection of outdoor furniture and accessories our Big Lots store had; something to fit every size and type of outdoor space.

Outdoor Patio

With our new furniture in place, all that was left to do was decorate to make this outdoor space even more inviting! Candles and colorful pillows were a great start, and I also placed a bright yellow potted dahlia in the corner for some natural cheer. It still needed a little something, so based on a great idea from Erin, I created a fun outdoor banner.

DIY Patio Decor

Here’s how I did it and you can too!

You’ll need:
a vinyl tablecloth {this one was just $4!}
Oly-Fun or other outdoor fabric {optional}
pencil and scrap paper


Step 1: Create a triangle pennant template.
I just folded a piece of scrap paper and trimmed it until I had a triangle the size I wanted.

Step 2: Cut triangles from your tablecloth and Oly-Fun.
I used four solid colors along with my patterned tablecloth. Of course, you could also use just the tablecloth if you like.

Step 3: Cut slits in the upper corners of your pennants.

Step 4: Thread pennants onto your sisal.
DIY Outdoor Banner

This can be totally customized in so many ways, depending on the patterns and fabrics you use, how long your banner is, and more. Once mine was complete, I tied the sisal tightly onto the deck railing. This project was so easy, so fast, and so affordable, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

DIY Outdoor Banner

I absolutely love the way the area turned out! It’s colorful, cheerful, and so inviting. Even though it’s been less than a week since everything came together, I have already eaten, worked, and had wine with my neighbor here in this space. It’s going to be a favorite spot for our family all summer long, I can tell.

Patio Decor

What about you? How can you bring some new life to your outdoor space this year?

patio baf


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  1. Wow, this looks fantastic! Love your color scheme you have going on on your patio! The pattern you chose looks great with the rest of the decor and really brings it a lot of character! Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Your space looks so great. Amazing what a new table and chairs and some color can do for a space. We love Big Lots. We got our recliner for our house there and it is the best seat in the living room.

  3. Great choice in renovating your patio! It looks bright and cheerful and it makes me want to go out and decorate mine. Your instructions are clear and seem simple enough, I cant wait to try it myself. Renovating different parts of the home is always a great investment, especially when it comes to updating! Thanks for sharing the wonderful article!

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  77. Transforming your patio with a makeover and an outdoor banner is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your outdoor space. Start by envisioning your ideal patio ambiance, whether it’s a cozy retreat or an entertainment hub.

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