Tiny Monogram Pendant with Personal Impressions

If you love jewelry or know someone who does, I’ve got the perfect little project for you! This Tiny Monogram Pendant is super-simple to create, even if you’ve never done metal stamping before. It’s totally personal and it takes less than five minutes to make. Are you ready? Take a look!

Tiny Monogram Pendant

You’ll need:

ImpressArt Personal Impressions Kit
ImpressArt Deco Uppercase Alphabet, 6mm
Metal Stamping Hammer
Steel Stamping Block
ImpressArt Stamp Enamel Marker
Small Pliers

Metal Stamping

Several of the materials I used to create this necklace are brand new for 2017 from ImpressArt, so I want to take a minute to tell you the details and why I think you’re going to LOVE them!

First, the Personal Impressions kits. These are just $15 each and contain everything you need to make five complete necklaces! I chose to work with the small circle kit for this project, but the kits also come in large circles, squares, hearts, large and small rectangles {bars}, and squares.

ImpressArt Personal Impressions
Each kit contains 5 blanks and 5 pre-cut chains with the clasps and jump rings already attached. It’s very easy to attach the blank, even if you’ve never made a piece of jewelry before. The kits also contain a practice blank that’s the same size and shape so that you can practice positioning your stamp and figure out how much pressure you need to get a good impression.


The alphabet stamp set I used for the monogram is brand new too! The Deco font, which was already available in 3mm and 1.5mm is now available in a larger 6mm size! It’s just perfect for stamping a single initial on a small blank like these, and works wonderfully for writing words and phrases on your larger projects. It’s the biggest alphabet set I own now, and I’m loving it! With the uppercase alphabet, you get all 26 letters plus an ampersand. It’s also available in lowercase and numbers.

ImpressArt Deco Alphabet, 6mm

Now, are you ready to see how we put these new products together to make a sweet little necklace?

Stamping Your Pendant

Step 1: Place your blank on a steel stamping block.

Step 2: Choose your letter stamp and position it with the letter end down on top of your blank. The side of the stamp with the engraved, “ImpressArt” and letter image should be facing you; this is how you’ll know the letter is in the right direction.

Step 3: Firmly tap the top of the stamp with your hammer. One good strong tap should do it!

When you lift your stamp, you should see the impression of your letter in the metal. You can also substitute a fun design stamp too, like a favorite symbol or animal.


Step 4: Color in the stamped area with the ImpressArt Stamp Enamel Marker.

This marker is also brand new; it’s similar to the original {and fabulous} ImpressArt Stamp Enamel, but rather than coming in a squeeze bottle, it’s now in the form of a paint pen! It’s easy to use, just color over your design, making sure to get the enamel down in the grooves, then let it dry for 1-3 minutes.


Wipe the surface with a paper towel or soft cloth and the excess enamel will come right off of the surface, leaving just the stamped areas darkened.


Assembling Your Necklace

To put your necklace together, locate the jump ring that’s sliding around on your piece of chain. Use a pair of pliers to gently twist it open. Remember to always twist the ends in opposite directions rather than pulling them apart, which can cause the jump ring to lose its shape. Thread one end of the ring through the hole in your blank.


Twist your jump ring closed around the chain, and there you have it…a totally personalized pendant!

Metal Stamped Monogram Necklace

This is not only a great addition to your wardrobe, it makes a fabulous gift! Since each kit comes with supplies for five necklaces, you can keep one for yourself and use the others for your friends and family. {Or you can keep them all…I won’t tell!} These make wonderful friendship necklaces, bridesmaid gifts, and more.

Stamped Monogram Necklace

How would you personalize yours?

Tiny Monogram Pendant

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