Puttin’ On The Ritz: Roaring 20’s Photo Booth Printables

Friends, if you’ve been checking out the other posts about our Roaring Twenties event, you’ll know that this party was the bee’s knees! So far, I’ve shared all the DIY details for the decorations and the desserts. Today, I want to finish up by showing you my favorite part of all, the Selfie Station!

Roaring 20's Photo Booth

A selfie station is incredibly easy to create; all you need is a backdrop and some props, and your guests will go to town enjoying the chance to be silly! It cost us very little to do, since most of the props were things we already had around the house, plus a few printables Erin whipped up for me to print and cut out. Here’s how we did it…

Roaring 20's Photo Booth

You’ll need:

Black fabric or plastic table covering
Gold fringe door hanger
Assorted Props:
Plastic Martini Glasses & Shaker
Clip on Flowers
Feather Boa
Feather Headpiece
Printable Mug Shot Signs
Printable Quote Bubbles

Roaring 20's Photo Booth

This was so simple to set up; we just hung a large piece of black tablecloth {the kind that comes on a roll} on the wall and attached the gold fringe on top of it. There was actually a bulletin board underneath, so we attached everything with push pins.

Then, we covered a small table with more of the black tablecloth material and placed the props in a basket on top. A sign on the wall instructed guests to grab a prop and strike a pose, and other signs around the room gave them a hashtag to use when they shared their pictures on social media.

All that was left was to turn them loose and see what happened! My dad was one of the first to give it a try with me…that face gets me every time!

Roaring 20's Photo Booth

The mug shot signs were very popular, as were the hats.

Roaring 20's Photobooth

Some of our friends decided to come in costume, so they barely even needed the props for an awesome 20’s effect!

Roaring 20's Photobooth

Some couples took the opportunity to get a nice serious photo together, while others opted for pure silliness. While some folks took photos on their phones, we also had a nice DSLR camera there and set aside some time where one of us offered to take the pictures for them.

Roaring 20's Photobooth

And, of course, the more the merrier, right?!

Roaring 20's Photobooth

Want to set up your own Roaring 20’s photo station?

Grab the Free Printables here!

“Selfie Station” Sign
Hashtag Share Sign

Mug Shot: Miss Behaving
Mug Shot: Frankie Dark Roast
Quote Bubble: Bee’s Knees
Quote Bubble: Puttin’ On the Ritz
Quote Bubble: Cat’s Meow

Enjoy them, and have fun puttin’ on the ritz!

Roaring 20's Photo Booth Printables

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