Grillin’ & Chillin’: Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Grill Master

I know it can be a stereotype that dads love to grill. My own dad doesn’t, he only ever makes one thing…meatloaf, but my hubby definitely fits the stereotype by loving to grill for our family. Whether it’s burgers and hot dogs, grilled shrimp and vegetables, or marinated chicken, he is always excited to fire up the grill and make a meal. For those of you who have a hubby or dad who enjoys it as well, here’s a collection of DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that will be right up his alley!

Grill Set Holder

I absolutely love this Grill Set Holder from Lil’ Luna…it’s fabulous AND functional. You can customize it with whatever saying you like, your favorite knobs, and even add other hardware like a bottle opener.

Grillin & Chillin Sign

Homemade BBQ Sauce

If your DIY skills are better in the kitchen than with tools, another thoughtful idea is to whip up something he can use like this Homemade Old Bay BBQ Sauce from Happy Go Lucky! As a Maryland girl myself, I love all things Old Bay, but you can use any recipe that fits your family’s tastes.

BBQ Sauce Recipe

Graphic Tee

This Grill T-shirt from The Cards We Drew is pretty hilarious and easy to make with an at-home screen printing kit. You can also do a variation by using heat transfer vinyl and an electronic cutting machine.

Grill T-shirt

Grilling Gift Basket

This Marinade Gift Basket gives Dad a bunch of new seasonings and spices to try, as well as some brand new recipes.

Grill Gift Basket and Recipe Cards

Grill Master Apron

This apron from Building our Hive is perfect for a grill master, and it’s easy to create. You can personalize it with any saying or design you like…although I think this one is pretty fabulous as is. There’s also a recipe for a dry rub.

Grill Cupcakes

So, maybe these aren’t technically a gift, but how adorable are the little tiny Grill Cupcakes from Frugal Mom eh?! I mean, seriously!

Herbs de Provence

Here’s a great recipe for homemade Herbs de Provence Grilling Salt from Sweet C’s Designs that he’s sure to love.

Grilling Plate

If you have a local pottery studio, you might like to create a personalized Grill Plate, like this one from Amanda Jane Brown. No pottery studio? Grab a plate from your local store and use food-safe ceramic markers to create it at home!

Hope these ideas inspire you and give you some ideas for the grill master in your life! I’d love to hear what you create or see some of your own great gift ideas…be sure to share them in the One Artsy Mama & Friends Facebook group! See you there!

Father's Day Gifts: Grilling

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