Pinners Conference Recap: Basic Brush Lettering Class

As many of you know, I attended Pinners Conference in Atlanta, GA last month to teach three different hands-on classes. I’ve shared a recap of our travel experience and my Mod Podge Bracelet class; today it’s time to talk about the first of my lettering classes.

Like the Mod Podge class, this was an hour long workshop, and 190 people were registered. Each attendee got a Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip pen, a Tombow drawing pencil, a Mono Eraser, and a specially designed instruction/practice packet.

The purpose of this class was to introduce people to the actual technique behind brush lettering so that they could create the look they wanted by manipulating the angle and pressure of their pens.

I was able to hook my iPad Pro up to project on-screen, which allowed me to demonstrate the various brush strokes in real-time as I did them in the Procreate app.

As I do here on the blog and in several of the workshops in my book, I broke things down into simple shapes and lines and had the students practice those, then transition to writing letters.

Since this was a technique workshop, there was no particular “finished project” to create; instead I encouraged the attendees to practice the letters over and over and to continue doing so at home by downloading more free practice pages so that the technique becomes muscle memory.

Mastering brush technique is no easy task, but all of the attendees were off to a great start, including this sweet ten-year-old who is going to be lettering like a pro in no time!

That was a wrap for Friday…afterward, Erin and I grabbed dinner at Subway and {of course} frappuccinos at Starbucks, then headed back to the hotel room to binge on old episodes of Downton Abbey while we assembled the kits for the final class on Saturday morning.

Stay tuned for a recap of that last class, which happened to be my personal favorite, coming soon!

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