Hand Lettered Color Blocked Clock

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Right now, I am obsessed with white and metallics for fall, and I know that trend is going to continue right on into the holidays! I have been working on making a few pieces of metallic decor to spread around the house, and one of the things I needed was a clock. Check out how I did a simple but chic metallic color block and added hand lettering to make it one of a kind!

Hand Lettered Wooden Clock

You’ll need:

a wooden clock base
metallic acrylic/multi-surface paint in gold and silver
acrylic/multi-surface paint in white
gold paint pen
large paintbrush
painters’ or washi tape
RAYOVAC® batteries

Painting Your Clock

Step 1: Tape off sections of the clock face with washi or painters’ tape.

You can do this any way you like. I started with a long diagonal from about where the “10” would be to the “5.” Then, I placed another piece in the bottom right from around the “2” to the “7.” Don’t worry about exact placement, you’re just creating different sections of color. Any pattern will work!

Step 2: Paint each section of the clock face.

I chose to do the largest and smallest sections in white. One coat of paint was plenty.

Then, I added my gold and silver metallic paint to the other two sections. Don’t forget to paint the edges too.

Step 3: Remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

If you allow the paint to dry, it may stick to the tape, causing some of it to peel back off when the tape is removed. Be sure to peel off whichever piece of tape is on top first.

If you like the way your design looks and don’t want to add words, you could stop right here and have a pretty, color-blocked clock. If you want to include a hand lettered word or phrase, though, continue on to the next step.

Lettering Your Clock

Step 4: Lightly sketch your words in pencil.

It took me a while to figure out what phrase I wanted to use. I thought about things like, “family time,” “it’s time,” “love,” and a few others, but nothing really felt right. Then, I thought about a song I know that talks about how to measure time. It talks about how there’s 525,600 minutes in a year and the best way to measure them is in love. As we get closer to our adoption and I reflect on the journey we’ve been on this year as well as all that’s still ahead for our family, I couldn’t agree more. So, I chose to put that phrase on my clock.

Step 5: Trace your words with a metallic paint pen using faux calligraphy.

If you’re new to hand lettering, let me help you get started! You can find everything you need to know in my beginner faux calligraphy post. I also have tons of other lettering tutorials, practice pages, and resources, and I just might have written a book on it too. You’ll be lettering like a pro in no time! Also, in case you have a little experience with lettering and you were wondering, we have to use faux calligraphy instead of “real” brush lettering because paint pens don’t have brush tips.

Step 6: Add clock hands according to package instructions.

Powering Your Clock.

Step 7: Add a RAYOVAC® battery.

It’s obviously a necessity to have a good battery in your clock so it doesn’t stop ticking, so I like to use “RAYOVAC®, the one thing that’s a sure thing.” This line of batteries can handle all your powering needs and last just as long as the leading competitors, but at a lower price point! I am all about saving money, aren’t you?

In addition to this clock, my camera’s external flash takes four AA batteries, not to mention all the batteries in our television and game system remotes, my son’s toys, and various other things around the house. So, we always need batteries we can count on. Personally, we love the RAYOVAC ® Recharge and Recharge Plus, because you can use them over and over again. We also keep RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™ batteries on hand because they are guaranteed to provide long lasting power in high use devices. These batteries will hold power for 10 years while in storage {5 years for 9V} and there’s even a Money Back Guarantee: Contact 1-800-891-6091 or www.RAYOVAC.com/MBG for more details. Restrictions apply. 

You can find lots of varieties, including my favorites and RAYOVAC® FUSION™, which is recommended for high drain devices, at your local Walmart store on the Battery Quad display. Not only are they less expensive than the other leading brands, right now, you can save even more with this SmartSource Coupon and this Ibotta offer! RAYOVAC® has been powering America since 1906 and the batteries are produced right here in the US {except for 9V}.

Once your battery is in place, the clock is ready to go and help you stay on time for the important things in your life like family dinner, soccer practice, and all of those everyday moments that add up to a lifetime of love.

Hand Lettered Clock

Ready to create your own? Customize it any way you like, and don’t forget the batteries!

Hand Lettered Clock

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