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Thanks to Style & Apply for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are honestly my own.

The countdown is getting so close, friends! We are just days away from going to China to meet and bring home our ten year old son! In the meantime, we have been busy here at home preparing everything for his arrival. Recently, I shared a post all about the special bedroom we created for him using two things we know he loves; soccer and the color green.

We had all the furniture, all the bedding, and most of the wall art, including a panda bear poster, an “adventure” print, and a special piece of chalkboard canvas art I created. There was just one space left, over his desk, that needed a little something.

Our goal is to make “Scout” feel at home here in America with a combination of things we know he likes, new things, and things that remind him of his home country, China. So, when I was browsing the different vinyl wall decals on the Style & Apply website and saw some in Chinese characters, I knew that was exactly what I wanted. There were a handful of choices, but I went with the characters meaning, Yongyuan de ài, or “forever/eternal love.” In Chinese, there is a character to represent each syllable, so this phrase is four separate symbols. The first two together make up the word meaning, “forever and always,” the last symbol means, “love,” and the third one is a word that grammatically makes them work together, showing that the measure of the love is forever. See how good I’m getting at Mandarin? {or not…}

Anyway, there were tons of color and size options for this particular design, just like all the other designs at Style & Apply.

I chose black because it matched some of the furniture and soccer balls as well as the canvas art over the bed. The 39″x12″ size was my choice size-wise. I could have kept all four characters in a line and gone with a smaller decal, but I wanted them to stand out more, so I went bigger, figuring I’d cut the design in half and place two characters on top of the other two.

When the decal arrived, it was so quick and easy to apply that I had it done in less than ten minutes. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Peel off the backing.

This exposes the sticky side of the decal. Peel slowly to make sure that none of the decal comes off with the backing.

Here’s how it looks with the backing removed. The design will appear to be backwards, but not for long!

Step 2: Position your decal on the wall.

As long as you press lightly and mostly on the cover paper rather than the decal itself, you can remove and re-position it multiple times until you get it just right.

Step 3: Rub the decal firmly to help it adhere to the wall.

There was a plastic card included with the decal that worked perfectly for this step.

Step 4: Remove the transfer paper.

Again, you’ll want to peel slowly to make sure none of the parts of the decal try to come off the wall with the paper. If that happens, just place the paper back down and rub the decal more until it adheres.

That’s it! You’ll have a fabulous wall design in no time. And one of my favorite things about it is that if “Scout” ever decides he wants to put something else on his wall instead, we can just peel and remove the decal with no damage to the wall. Trust me, I’m not looking to paint a room again anytime soon, so I like decor that doesn’t hurt my paint job!

We are so pleased with how it looks and can’t wait for it to be one of the first things “Scout” sees when he walks into his new room.

We also ordered another piece of art, the World Map Educational Wall Decal. We thought it would be nice for “Scout” to be able to see his home country represented and for both of our boys to use it as a learning tool. Our plan is to have the boys help us apply that one when we get back from our trip so that “Scout” can be a part of adding it to our decor.  I’ll be sure to show you how it looks! This is an idea of what it’s like, but ours is a black decal and will be on a light wall.

I absolutely love the new addition to “Scout’s” room and I hope he does too! It’s one more way to visibly remind him every day that he has the love of a forever family, and that’s something I’m pretty sure he can never hear enough. All of us are ready for him to join us, including Flynn, who is already making himself at home in the room.

Do you have empty spaces in your house like this one was, just waiting for a fun decal to bring them to life? Check out Style & Apply; there are tons of quotes, images, and more to choose from and you can find something that’s just the right fit like I did. Happy decorating!


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  1. Oh Amy,
    That looks fantastic! This child will have no doubt about your love for him.
    I’m really excited for you to get to China and bring that boy home! His room looks great and ready for him, and I know y’all’s arms are waiting for the first hug.
    Thank you for sharing these ideas.
    Have a safe enjoyable trip, and give Scout a hug from all of us!
    Hugs woman!

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