Marbled Monogram with FolkArt Marbling Paints

Everyone loves a monogram, right? Our son “Scout” is no exception! When he saw the fun marbled letter Little Crafter and I made last summer, he immediately asked for one of his own. Here’s how I made it…and how it was even EASIER than what LC and I did last time!Marbled Monogram

You’ll need:

Wooden or Paper Mache Letter: your choice of size and style
FolkArt Marbling Paints: your choice of colors
Mod Podge Clear Gloss Acrylic Spray Sealer
Disposable gloves {optional}
Disposable cup
Wax paper or aluminum foil

FolkArt Marbling Paints

Previously, we mixed our paints with a marbling medium to get them just the right consistency for pouring and swirling. But, this time, we had a new product to work with: FolkArt Marbling paints! They are pre-mixed and ready to use directly from the bottle. There are 10 colors available: White, Red, Hot Pink, Yellow, Aqua, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, and Sour Apple. Scout’s favorite colors are blue and green, so we chose four of those shades plus white for his “S.”

Marbling Paints

Step 1: Pour small amounts of each color into a disposable cup.

The colors are designed to swirl and marble, not mix, so they’ll sit on top of each other. If you like, you can give the colors a quick stir, or you can leave them just the way you poured them in.


Step 2: Pour the contents of the cup onto your letter.

It’s really as easy as it sounds! Make sure to cover your work surface with wax paper or foil to protect it from dripping paint. I like to elevate my letter by placing a few disposable cups or a can underneath it. This keeps it from sticking to the foil as it dries.

Step 3: Gently lift the letter and tilt, allowing the paint to spread and cover the entire surface.

If you opted for disposable gloves, this is the step where you’ll want to wear them. Once the paint is covering the whole letter, place it back on the can or cups and allow it to dry completely. If you have a lot of excess paint running down the sides, you can gently wipe off the big drips with your finger or a paper towel.

Step 4: Apply Mod Podge Spray Sealer.

One very important thing to note is that the FolkArt Marbling paints absolutely require some type of sealer. I like the Mod Podge Spray Sealer because it’s quick and easy to use. You can choose Matte or Gloss, depending on the kind of finish you want.

It really is incredibly simple to create this project, and the actual marbling only takes a few minutes to do. The longest amount of time will be waiting for the paint to dry before you seal it! I let our letter dry overnight, then sealed it the next morning. Here’s a quick look at just how easily you can create your own marbled monogram:

What do you think? Isn’t this the perfect project to do with the kids on a weekend or over the summer? It also makes a great gift for just about anyone…a graduate, a newly married couple, a teacher, a neighbor…remember, everyone loves a monogram! You can also marble several letters to spell out a word or name.

Marbled Monogram with FolkArt Marbling Paints

Who in your life would enjoy creating or receiving a marbled monogram?

Marbled Monogram with FolkArt Marbling Paints

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