DIY Christmas Card Display

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DIY Christmas Card Display

During the month of December, I love going to the mailbox! It’s the one time of year when there’s “real” mail from family and friends mixed in with all the usual bills and advertisements we receive. There’s nothing like reaching into the mailbox and pulling out a personal card from someone we love, so I always try to find ways to display our holiday cards and enjoy them all season long. Today, I have a quick and very easy DIY Cork Board Card Display idea that anyone can create. Here’s how:

Card Display Materials

Framed corkboard, any size (I got mine for $4 at Goodwill!)

Wide glitter tape


Wrapping Paper

Double sided tape or other adhesive

Making Your Card Display

Step 1: Apply glitter tape to the frame of the corkboard.

You could also paint it, but this is much faster and way less messy! I started by lining up one edge of the tape with the inner edge of the frame. Then, I wrapped the rest of the tape down around the side and onto the bottom. Trim off the extra and repeat on all four sides.

Step 2: Cut a piece of wrapping paper the size of your corkboard.

You’ll want to make it just slightly larger than the part you can see, because the extra will get tucked under the frame just like when you frame a photo. You can use any color and pattern of wrapping paper you like.

Step 3: Fit your wrapping paper inside the frame. 

You will want to adhere at least the corners in place using double sided tape or another very flat adhesive. Tuck the excess under the edges of the frame.

DIY Christmas Card Display

All that’s left to do is add your favorite cards! You can attach them with double sided tape on the back, with push pins, or with decorative washi tape. Feel free to display as many or as few cards as you like. Straight, crooked, or all over the place…this is your personal display, so make it something you love!

The first card that’s going on our board this year will be a copy of our own, which I absolutely love. Isn’t it beautiful? The photo is extra special, because it was taken on October 14, our two year “family-versary” of becoming a family of four. I chose the “He Shall Be Called” Christmas Photo Card design from Minted, which displays some of the names of Jesus in beautiful lettering. It’s also available in four other colors: Navy, Mist, Pine, and Holly, but to complement the colors in the photo, I chose Sky.

For the back, I chose a layout with one photo (so we could show off our new puppy, Pumpkin!) and a space for text. I always like to share a few brief notes about each member of our family so that friends we don’t see very often can catch up on our lives.

One of my favorite features about Minted cards is that you can enter and store addresses, and get them printed on your envelopes for free, along with your return address (yes, I said FREE)! As much as I love hand lettering, this saves me a ton of time, which I always appreciate during the holidays. All I have to do is stuff, seal, and stamp the envelopes and they’re ready to send! I even ordered our stamps from Minted, so I have everything I need. There are tons of gorgeous designs to choose from, all created by independent artists.

This year, Minted has some exciting new things to offer too, including new envelope colors with chic white ink addressing, a new oversized format to fit more family photos or text, and new foil colors including festive red. If you’re looking to send personalized photo cards this year, take a look at all these beautiful and unique designs, created by 15,000 independent artists around the globe! Right now, you can even save 20% on your order with the code NCHOL20D. I love how our cards turned out this year, and I’m starting off our display with one of them so I can see it all season long.

What do you think? How do you like to display your holiday cards? Don’t forget to pin this project to Pinterest for later!

DIY Christmas Card Display

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