Hand Lettered New Year Printable: Free Download

There’s something about heading into a new year that makes anything seem possible! It’s a time for reflecting on the successes and the mistakes of the past, and using them to set goals for the coming season of our lives. As I personally look back on 2019, I’m amazed at the opportunities I had…everything from teaching sold out classes of 250+ people at Pinners Conference to sharing about Hand Lettering on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. I published my third and fourth books: Hand Lettering for Laughter and Hand Lettering for Faith, and I was given my own monthly crafting segment on the lifestyle show Good Day PA. One thing all those accomplishments have in common is that they required stepping way out of my comfort zone before they came about. Whether it was persistently emailing, filling out applications, submitting proposals, or pitching ideas over the phone, I had to take risks and try, knowing that the answer might be no. I had to just go for it, even though I knew failure was a possibility. 2019, for me, was a year of learning that if you never try, you never know what might happen. I learned that the risks are worth it and can open up possibilities you never even imagined. As we head into 2020, I wanted to remind you of the same lesson. I hand lettered this message so you can download and print it, share it digitally, or make it your phone background as a reminder that every great thing starts with a small step of faith.

Click the link below to download the image for your own personal use. It’s sized to print as an 8×10 image, but you can resize it in your favorite photo editor to fit any frame. There’s also a download to fit your smartphone screen with four different colored backgrounds.


I hope this little reminder will encourage you that whatever your goal for 2020 is, it’s worth a real try! Don’t let the “I’m too”s get in your way. You know, the “I’m too young,” “too old,” “too uncreative,” “too busy,” “too scared,” or whatever other obstacle is standing in your way. If you never try, you’ll never know, so take that first step! You’ve got this!

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