Super-Easy Valentine Treat Bag

Valentine Treat Bag

I am most definitely an artist and a crafter, not a chef. However, I’m lucky enough to have an excellent baker in the house, my 11 year old son! After years of saying he wanted to be a chef, he attended baking camp last summer and fell in love. So much so that he made and sold enough baked goods to purchase his very own KitchenAid Pro500 Stand Mixer! Imagine how excited he was when our friend Laura Kelly sent him a surprise gift, a custom Expressionery stamp that reads, “Pastry Chef Latta.”

He immediately started thinking of all the ways he wanted to use it, including making his own business cards and labeling his packaged baked goods. It looks amazing on treat packaging, and even though Valentine’s Day is still a month away, we started brainstorming how he could use it to create some single-serve cookie treat bags to share with his friends. I think they turned out absolutely adorable, and it allows him to share his favorite treat, Snickerdoodles, without having to bake a dozen for every person he knows. Here’s how we made them, and you can too (using your own custom stamp, of course!)

You’ll need:

Kraft mini treat bags

Washi tape

Custom Stamp from Expressionery

Bag filler

Your choice of delicious baked treats

Step 1: Stamp your custom image in the center of the bag.

These stamps are so easy to use, and they create a clean, crisp image every time. They’re self-inking, so there’s no mess, and no need for a separate ink pad. There are multiple designs to choose from, including this “Baked With Love” treat jar one, and you can add any name or text you like. This one is perfect for my little chef.

Step 2: Add washi tape to the bottom edge of the bag.

We chose to use two different types, a heart design along the bottom, then a shiny gold above it.

Step 3: Fill the bag with shredded paper and the treat(s) of your choice!

This little chef’s specialty is Snickerdoodles, and the bags are the perfect size for one cookie. Seriously, he makes the best Snickerdoodles I have ever eaten. (He’s also hoping that trying one will make some of his friends want to order a dozen!)

Now you have a wonderfully gift-able treat that anyone is sure to enjoy. My little chef loves sharing his baked goods with anyone and everyone, so he’s excited to have a fun way to give them to his friends, teachers, and family this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Treat Bag

What about you? What would your custom stamp say? If you’re like me and you aren’t a baker yourself, there are designs that say other things, like “made with love” as well as address and monogram stamps, so there’s something for everyone. I’d love to see your favorite DIY Valentine ideas; hop on over to the Amy Latta and Friends Facebook group and let us know what you’re creating.

If you like this project idea, be sure to pin it for later and to share with your friends.

Valentine Treat Bag

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  1. The joy on his face while looking at the stamp is amazing. I too love to bake and share my creations with friends. Any chance you would share the source for your kraft cookie bags? I have never found any that are small enough to share a single serving. Tell him to keep up the good work. Maybe we will see him on a season of a kid bakers competition!!

    1. Isn’t it the cutest?! I’m sure your friends enjoy you sharing your baked goodies. I’m not sure where the kraft bag came from, it’s just from an old stash. I think Michaels has some pretty small ones, though!

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