Bunny & Egg Easter Place Setting

Image contains a white napkin folded in the shape of a bunny head and ears with a pink egg inside. The egg says, "Amy." It is sitting on a scalloped teal plate.

Add a fun, festive touch to your holiday table with these Bunny & Egg Easter Place Settings! You only need a few basic supplies and less than five minutes per place setting. Take a look.

You’ll need:

faux eggs with guests’ names (see how I made these)

white cloth napkins



Image contains seven faux eggs; some white, some colored, with names and phrases written in a farmhouse style print.

Step 1: Fold your napkin in half diagonally to form a triangle.

Step 2: Roll your napkin.

Starting with the point, roll the napkin until you reach the bottom of the triangle.

Image shows Amy's hand rolling a white cloth napkin on top of a wooden background.

Step 3: Form bunny shape.

Fold the rolled napkin in half and hold it in a “u” shape. Then, fold the tips down to touch the outside of the “u”…this forms the ears.

Step 4: Tie napkin with ribbon.

Add a cheerful bow in any color you like. This will hold the napkin in the folded shape.

Image shows Amy's hand holding a folded white cloth napkin that is shaped like a bunny's head and tied with a blue bow below the ears.

Step 5: Add egg.

Place the egg inside the opening below the ribbon bow.

You can use a white egg or a colored one; I liked the pop of color, but either way, it’ll be really cute!

Image shows a white cloth napkin folded like a bunny head and ears with a blue bow. Inside the napkin is a pink egg with the name "Amy" written on it in black print. It sits on a teal plate.

I don’t know about you, but I love how these turned out, and they’re so incredibly simple to make! If you don’t love your handwriting for the eggs, you can use alphabet stickers instead, or cut the names from vinyl with your Cricut or other electronic cutting machine.

Image contains four folded white cloth napkins in the shape of bunnies. Each contains a colored egg with a name written on it in black marker.

There’s no glue involved, so your guests can untie the bow and use the napkin for dinner. Then, they can take the egg home as a favor and add it to their own spring decor for years to come.

Image contains four folded white cloth napkins in the shape of a bunny with ears. Each one has a colored bow and a colored egg inside with a name printed on it.

What do you think? Is this something you’ll try for Easter dinner? I’d love to see your latest spring projects; be sure to share your photos with us in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all be inspired. See you there!

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Image is a collage of bunny and egg place settings.

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