Emoji Faces Canvas

Celebrate World Emoji Day (or any day!) with this fun Emoji Faces Canvas project! Here’s a video walkthrough, or scroll down for written instructions.

You’ll need:

a blank canvas (mine is 8×10)

Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers (I used P025, P993, PN35, P845, P491, P452, P703, and P755)



White acrylic or multi-surface paint

Small paint brush

Step 1: Lightly sketch 6 circles with pencil, then color them yellow.

I traced the lid of a mason jar to make sure all my circles were the same size and shape. Then I filled in the circles with my ABT PRO marker P025.

Step 2: Add darker yellow around the edges of each circle.

I used P993 for this step. To get a nice blend, you can add this color, then go back over it with the original yellow shade.

Step 3: Sketch the details of each face with pencil.

Feel free to recreate the same six emojis I did, or to choose your own favorites. I recommend looking at a screenshot of each emoji to help you remember the details. Lightly sketch the positions of the eyes, mouth, and any other features like eyebrows, a tongue, tears, and/or hearts.

Step 4: Add color to bring the faces to life.

Use your markers to trace over the various parts of each face. For white areas, use a small detail paint brush to apply white paint.

Once your faces are colored in, your canvas is ready to display! This is a really fun piece of decor for a teen’s room, a playroom, your creative space, or anywhere else you’d like to hang it. If you try this project, I’d love to see how yours turns out! Be sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Group on Facebook so you can share photos of this or anything else you’re creating. See you there!

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