Hearts Need Art – The #Make1000Give1000 Project

Image is an infographic about the Hearts Need Art #Make1000Give1000 project, as described below.

Friends, I am so excited to invite you to partner with me for a very special initiative. I am a Board Member for Hearts Need Art, a nonprofit organization that provides creative support for patients and caregivers. We provide interactive art experiences, both in person and virtually, for those facing long-term and life-altering health challenges.

During the Make 1000 Give 1000 event, you have an opportunity to use YOUR creativity to bless and encourage these patients. How? Simply by creating and sending a heart. How you create it is up to you. Do whatever you do best. You can draw it, paint it, crochet it, sew it, knit it, carve it, sculpt it, or anything else you can imagine. Need inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board! Once you create your heart, mail it (by May 1) to:

Hearts Need Art
ATTN: #make1000give1000
P.O. Box 791222
San Antonio, TX 78279

It’s also helpful if you fill out this form so we know where all the wonderful hearts are coming from! Once they’re received, the Hearts Need Art team will give them out to patients and medical staff as gifts of encouragement and hope.

Can you send more than one heart? Absolutely! Not only does each heart become a tangible gift for someone, there’s also a matching donation component. A donor has agreed to contribute $1 to Hearts Need Art for every heart received up to $1000!

Will you join me and use your creativity to make a positive difference? As you create and ship your hearts, be sure to share photos with the hashtag #make1000give1000 so we can all be inspired. And, be sure to share this with your creative friends! Kids are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate too. For all the details, check out heartsneedart.org/1000hearts.

Image is a collage of nine different heart themed craft projects to serve as inspiration for the #make1000give1000 project.


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  1. Hi Amy I have been making cards it seems forever. I am making a card right now. If I sent it tomorrow would you be able to get it? I don’t want to forget it. Amy, let me know ok? I really love this idea,, if I can make someone smile, amen!!! I. do this for some of my older friends from church and love it. Amy just contact me ok? Thank for this sweet gesture. Sue B.

  2. Hello, My name is Jennifer Johnson and I am the community lesion for the Milton Art Guild in Milton , Delaware. very interested in participating in Hearts need Art . Representing the Milton Art Guild we would like to complete this as a group and look in to helping out our local hospital. If i could get an email back that would be wonderful. Looking forward to pitching in.

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