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Well, friends, due to our family’s allergies I never thought I’d be a cat owner, but lo and behold, it looks like Fuzzy is here to stay!  So far, our allergies are mostly at bay and she’s slowly but surely making herself right at home.  I’m kind of in love with her…I mean, you saw her furry little face…how could anyone not be?  So, as I was playing around with some wire and jewelry tools this weekend, I made myself this cute little cat bookmark.  What do you think?

Hammered Wire Cat Bookmark

TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes
SPECIAL TOOLS/SKILLS: basic wire working

Hammered Wire Cat Bookmark

– 16 gauge soft wire
– steel stamping block
– hammer
– needle nose pliers
– wire cutters

I apologize in advance for the lack of step-by-step photos, but it’s impossible to do this and take pics at the same time!

Hammered Wire Cat Bookmark

Step 1: Use your pliers to form the shape of the cat’s head.  I started by forming the left ear, bending the wire downward, then back up again for the right ear.  I used the pliers to create the side of the face, then bent the wire in again for the neck.

Step 2: Create a large spiral for the cat’s body.  The head is the hardest part; once you get that, the rest is easy peasy!

Hammered Wire Cat Bookmark

Step 3: Hammer the wire on the steel block to flatten it.  Or, if you prefer the rounded look to the hammered wire look, you can leave it as is.

Now it’s ready to use to help mark your place in a favorite book!

Hammered Wire Cat Bookmark

If you’d rather wear your creation, you can make a slightly smaller version, attach a jump ring, and turn it into a necklace instead.

Hammered Wire Cat Necklace

Easy as pie…well, actually I think it’s much easier than pie because I’ve tried making apple pie and that’s hard work, friends!  This took me all of about five minutes.  I’m already planning on making a few of these to give as gifts to some cat-lovers I know.  Shhh!  Who do you know that would love a cat bookmark {or necklace}?  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to convince Fuzzy that she loves me.



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  1. So cute! We can’t have cats or dogs where we currently live and it’s very sad. I enjoy working with wire and have some family birthdays coming up fast – this is a great gift idea for me!

  2. I love this!!
    My sister and I are cat lovers and this would be a perfect stocking stuffer she’d love. It’s currently hard for me to work with my hands as I have carpel tunnel. Do you sell these anywhere? I’m wondering if you could make a kitty bookmark just like this one for me! It’s adorable!

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