Easy Halloween Body Art: Paw Patrol Costume

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Hey, friends!  By now you probably know that this year, Little Crafter is dressing up as Marshall, the fire dog from Nickelodeon’s hit show Paw Patrol.  I had a great time creating his costume, but as cute as he looked when he tried it on, something was missing.  I realized that the finishing touch he needed was some body art to make his face look as much like Marshall as possible!  With a little help from Tulip® Body Art®, he looked cuter than ever in no time!


Tulip® Body Art® offers an extensive variety of professional-quality paint, glitter, hair and even black light products, so you can choose what works best for the look you’re trying to achieve.  For our purposes, the best fit was the Rainbow Face & Body Paint.  It contains a basic palette of colors, along with three small brushes.  It’s incredibly easy to use; all you have to do is dip your brush in water, then into the paint color you want. Then, use the brush to apply the paint directly to the child’s {or adult’s!} clean face.


Little Crafter was very adamant that his spots needed to look just like Marshall’s, so before we got started, I pulled up a picture of the character on the computer.  I studied where his spots were and how they were shaped, as well as his other features.  Then, I got to work!


On the right side of his face {left if you’re looking at him}, Marshall has a big spot that looks like a the club in a deck of cards without the stem.  Below it, there’s one smaller circle all by itself.  So, I did my best to carefully paint that design onto LC’s cheek.


Marshall’s other cheek has a large spot that looks like the club turned upside down, so I painted that on LC as well.


Next, I made an upside triangle just like Marshall’s nose on top of LC’s own nose, and I finished off the look by painting black lines directly over Little Crafter’s eyebrows.  I chose to paint above them because although all Tulip Body Art products are cosmetic-grade and non toxic, it’s best to avoid using them too close to the eyes or on the lips.


Now.  How cute is this doggie?


I absolutely love the effect!  It’s amazing how a little bit of black paint can totally transform a boy into his favorite pup!  Then, when trick-or-treating is over, it easily washes off with soap and water and I have my adorable six year old back again.


Not going to be a pup for Halloween?  Whether you’re going for cute, pretty, scary, glam…you can complete your look with Tulip Body Art too!  Even if you aren’t confident about your free-handing abilities, no worries!  There are fun Body Art stencils and brushes you can use to stencil designs onto yourself or your kiddos…and some of them involve glitter!!!  They have something for everyone.  Although I don’t plan on dressing up in a full costume myself, I definitely do plan on doing a little face painting of my own; I’ll be sure to show you all how that turns out.  How would you use Tulip Body Art this Halloween?

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  1. Wow, what an adorable idea for Halloween body art! The Paw Patrol theme is always a hit with kids, and turning it into a costume with body art is pure genius.

    I can imagine the excitement on children’s faces when they see themselves transformed into their favorite characters.

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