More Minecraft Canvas Art

Hey, friends, we’re back today with more Minecraft Canvas Art for you! The other day, we shared how Little Crafter made a Creeper, a Zombie, a Slime, and an Enderman; now we’ve got three more themed pieces to add to the collection!

Minecraft Canvases

Just like the original pieces, all you need to create these are:

– square canvases {ours are 6×6″}
– paintbrushes
– acrylic or multi-surface paints
– ruler
– pencil


Minecraft Skeleton Canvas

This guy is a grid of 8×8 squares like the other four canvases we did. Since the canvases we used are 6×6″, each square is 3/4″. The eyes are five rows down and one block in from the outside edges. They get black paint, and each eye is two blocks. Skip a row, then the mouth is six black blocks going from the outer edge of one eye to the outer edge of the other. The remainder of the grid is a mixture of four shades of grey paint.


Minecraft Steve Canvas

Steve proved to be one of the most complicated characters because you need ten different colors! There are three shades of brown, four shades of peach/skin tone, white, black, and pink. Steve is also an 8×8 grid, and his hair takes up the top two rows plus the outermost squares of the third row. It’s a mixture of three different shades of brown {but I’m sure you could simplify and just make it all the same}. His eyes are in the fifth row from the top; each one is a white square next to a black square. His nose is two dark peach squares directly below and between his eyes. As for the bottom part, I’m not entirely sure if the pink is his mouth and the brown is a goatee or if the brown is supposed to be his mouth, but in any case, there are two pink squares directly under the nose with a brown square on either side, and a row of four brown squares below them. The rest of the canvas is a mixture of shades of peach. You don’t need to buy four different peach paints, I bought one color for 69 cents at Michaels and used it for the darkest shade. Then, I added a bit of white to make it slightly lighter for the next shade. I added more white for the next and so on.


Minecraft Diamond Sword Canvas

I have to say that this one might be my favorite…maybe because for once it’s not a bad guy {ok, Steve isn’t either…} and it looks significantly different from the others. The sword is actually 16×16 blocks, and when I did the math and tried to measure that out on my 6×6″ canvas, I just got a headache. What I ended up doing was dividing it into eight 3/4″ blocks like all the others, then dividing those blocks in half. Much easier! You need five colors for this one: black, white, brown, and two shades of blue {I used the same one, just added white for the lighter color}. We started by making the outline of the sword in black. Then, we filled the handle in with brown and the blade with darker blue on the outside and 9 light blue boxes on the inside. Once the sword was finished, we painted the surrounding area white to cover up the pencil lines from our boxes.

If you’re enjoying these, rest assured that there will be more coming; Little Crafter has already told me he needs a pig, an ocelot, and a few other things, so stay tuned for more Minecraft fun! And be sure to check out the original four characters if you missed them on Thursday!

Minecraft Canvas Art

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  1. WOW! My grandson, Mason, is 5 yrs old, but started playing Minecraft when we got it for him for Christmas of ’14 and he was 4 yrs old. This game is such a blessing with all of the games out there like Grand Theft Auto and many like it that are so graphic, this one teaches many things. Mason started talking to me about his game and the Youtube videos he was watching. He started using words that I probably didn’t even know existed until I was much older. He even uses them appropriately for the conversation! His numbers were increasing in knowing what they were and he could tell you how to do certain objectives in the game. I work for Cracker Barrel in the retail area and now as a hostess and cashier, and met a mom that says this is the one game she allows her son, he’s about Mason’s age, to play! It is not only educational but fun for them as well. I would suggest that any parent contemplating getting their younger children games that Minecraft is the one to get! The videos he watches are instructional, funny and he watches them and then tries to incorporate them into his game. Love it! He has grown so much intelligence wise and also with his ability to communicate what he is trying to say in such a short time. These crafts will be fun for my daughter and I to do and help us to decorate his room soon. He wants a Minecraft birthday party in May ’16 so this will be fun too. Nene (my son’s) wife (her real name is Brandy, but for some reason Mason calls her Nene) made a Minecraft birthday cake last year along with my middle grandson. Mason was so excited about it! Keep up the great ideas coming!

    1. Linda, thanks so much for stopping by! I couldn’t agree more! LC started playing last year when he was six, and I love the way that it inspires his creativity and even allows him to build cooperatively with his friends when they’re in multi-player mode. It’s been fun watching them issue challenges to each other, like let’s all build a maze, then work to meet the challenges and play each other’s creations! I’ve also noticed that it is such a common love for little boys that it serves as as real icebreaker when they meet each other. It’s good stuff!

  2. My 12yr old son (and on a bit of a smaller scale, my 9yr old daughter. lol) is a huge fan of Minecraft. Because he’s got social and emotional issues, we’ve had to homeschool him but until now, I’d yet to find a good art project for him to do for his art class. I’m a firm believer in art and music being very important in the learning process and now that we’ve found this, I’m so excited to get him started! Since this is one of his obsessions, I know he’ll stick with it! 🙂

    I’ve already made the Enderman and the Creeper and they were so much fun!

    1. Oh, I am so glad to hear this!! 🙂 I’m thrilled that you and your son are able to do these together!

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