Metallic Glitter Monogram

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Somewhere along the way, mess got a bad reputation. But that’s not really fair, is it? After all, like my dad always says, “if it isn’t messy, it isn’t fun!” Mess is the evidence of a life well lived; time spent making, creating, doing and playing. That’s why I never shy away from a project even if I know it has high mess-potential. Bring on the paint, the glue, and especially the glitter, because it’s just plain fun to create and you’ll end up with something beautiful! After all, you know our motto around here…“Glitter makes everything better!”

Glitter Makes Everything Better

With the holidays just around the corner, you know I’ve been working hard on creating decor projects to make our new home festive! The trend this season is definitely all things metallic…gold and silver is everywhere and so are sparkles! So, I decided to create a metallic glitter monogram to stand on our mantel! Our old house never had a mantel, so I’m beyond excited to decorate this one! Here’s how I made my monogram and you can too.

Metallic Glitter Monogram

Paper Mache or Wooden Letter
DecoArt Metallic Lustre {I used Silver}
Mod Podge
Gold Glitter


Step 1: Give your letter a coat of Metallic Lustre.
This is a very soft, easy-to-use, water-based metallic wax. To apply it, just dip your finger into the wax, then gently rub it onto your surface. Let it dry completely before moving to the next step, which only takes about five minutes.


Step 2: Add a coat of Mod Podge to the bottom portion of the letter.
It really doesn’t matter which formula you use; in fact, glue works for this step too if you don’t happen to have Mod Podge on hand. You can spread it on with a paintbrush if you like, but I typically just use my finger because it’s really hard to get all the adhesive out of the brush when you’re finished. You can go up the letter as far as you like.


Step 3: Sprinkle the Mod Podge with glitter.
I like to place a paper plate under my project, then shake the glitter on top so that the plate catches all the extra {in theory}. Once the glitter is adhered, gently tap the letter onto the plate to shake off the excess, then go back with your finger to add more Mod Podge and glitter in any bare spots.


I didn’t add glitter to the bottom of the letter because I want it to be able to stand easily and be balanced.


Step 4: Clean up {with some help from my Delta Touch2O® faucet}!
My hands were definitely in need of some cleaning at several points during the process of making my monogram, and by the time I was finished, so was my kitchen table!


Luckily, I have a faucet with Delta Touch2O® Technology at my kitchen sink. We had one at our first house, and I loved it so much that when we moved, I insisted we install one in the new home too. With Touch2O® Technology, you can simply tap anywhere on the spout or handle of the faucet to start and stop the flow of water, which makes things so much easier when your hands are full or messy like mine were. It’s an incredibly helpful feature for crafters and bakers!


Delta is all about making cleanup as quick and easy as possible, so you have more time to spend making fun projects and great memories. In addition to the faucet I have, there’s Delta Touch2O.xt™ Technology for the Bath which features proximity sensors that can turn the faucet on when your hands are within 4″ of the faucet, and the In2ition® Plus H2OKinetic® Showerhead, which gives you more coverage without using more water.

I was able to clean up in no time, which allowed me to help Little Crafter with his homework then play a game with him before I had to start dinner.


Now, I have a beautiful, sparkly, totally-on-trend piece of decor to display on my mantel this holiday season!

Glitter Monogram

My monogram was easy to create, inexpensive, and the mess was totally worth it…in fact, it was part of the fun.

Metallic Glittered Monogram for the Holidays

What about you? Do you embrace the messes in your life? They’re opportunities to enjoy yourself and make memories, right? Delta wants to hear about your HappiMess moments and favorite traditions too. Head over to their website to share your photos and stories or share on your social media using #HappiMess! Then, get out your own craft supplies and start creating, because…


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Delta Faucet. The opinions and text are all mine.

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