Meat Lovers’ Rotini Bake

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Meat Lovers' Rotini Bake Recipe

One of the most common questions here in the Artsy House is, “What’s for dinner?” Sometimes it can be hard finding a meal everyone enjoys, but today I want to share with you a recipe that’s sure to be a hit. Eight years ago, when Little Crafter was born, we had some sweet friends who took turns bringing us meals for our first few weeks of parenthood, and one of them made a recipe very similar to this one. The meal was so delicious that I begged her to tell me how to make it myself. She did, and with a few tweaks of my own, I’m sharing it with you today: Meat Lovers’ Rotini Bake. It’s simple to create, and you can find all of the ingredients you need at your local Giant Food Store.


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Meat Lovers' Rotini Bake

Cook Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Italian
Author: Amy Latta


  • 1 box Barilla Rotini
  • 1 package Johnsonville Italian Sausage Sweet
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 16 oz Galbani Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese
  • 2 jars Barilla Tomato & Basil Sauce
  • 1 small green bell pepper chopped {about 1/2 - 3/4 cup}
  • 1 small onion chopped {about 1/2 - 3/4 cup}


  • Brown ground beef, peppers, and onions in a large saucepan. Add two jars of Barilla sauce, stir, and set aside. Brown sausage links in a skillet for five minutes, then add 1/2 cup of water and simmer for 12 minutes until fully cooked. Slice links into small pieces and stir into sauce. Boil pasta according to package directions. Stir cooked pasta into the sauce, then place in a 4 quart baking pan. Shred mozzarella cheese and sprinkle a layer on top. Cover with foil and bake at 375 F for 1 hour, removing the foil for the last 15 minutes of baking time.


This meal is delicious as is, and it’s a hit here in the Artsy House. But, I know not everyone is a “by the book” recipe follower. So, there are several variations you can make on this meal to make it the perfect fit for your own family. One is that for smaller families, you can easily use a smaller baking dish like the one shown here. Store the extra pasta and sauce mixture in a refrigerated airtight container, and you can enjoy it another day. Just sprinkle cheese on it and bake it when you’re ready!

Another change you can make is to put the cheese on the side and let each person add however much or little they like.


Personally, I love my cheese warm and melted, though, so I always bake it with the rest of the meal. Galbani low-moisture mozzarella is great for shredding, which makes it easy to use in this recipe.

Depending on your family’s taste preferences, you can switch things up by using different types of Johnsonville Italian Sausage. It’s available in Hot, Sweet, and Mild, so you can choose whatever variety you enjoy most. In addition to {or instead of} adding sliced pieces of the sausage, you can substitute it for ground beef when making the meat sauce.


Prefer a different type of noodle? Trade the rotini for your own favorite kind of Barilla pasta, and use your family’s preferred variety of all-natural Barilla sauce. No matter which flavor you choose, it’s made from the highest quality ingredients and brings a fresh from-the-garden taste to your table.


There are plenty of ways to tweak this simple recipe and make it your own, but the key is that you make it! Trust me, this is easy to do {you know it has to be if I make it!} and you’re going to love it. If you have a smaller family, you’ll also get lots of leftovers; we usually get two entire meals from one batch.


What are you waiting for? Grab your ingredients and get cooking! When you stop by your nearest Giant Food between 10/21-10/27 and purchase Barilla Pasta, Johnsonville Italian Sausage and Galbani Cheese, you’ll automatically save $3 at checkout with your store loyalty card!  While supplies last.


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  1. 4 stars
    Hello Amy,

    Just fantastic ways to explanation how to make rotini. When I arrive at my house night that someone says that please make rotini. Indeed also I like this recipe.

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