Craft Room Makeover: Geometric Gold Dipped Decor

In case you haven’t heard already, I am obsessed with my new craft room! I recently took an entire week to give my space a total and complete overhaul. It went from being a dark & dingy dumping ground to a bright and inspiring place where I love to work! You can see an overview here with lots of before and after pictures of the whole room, plus I’ve got a podcast all about turning your creative space into a place you love.

Now that I’ve shared the overview, I wanted to dedicate a few posts to some of the specific things I created, upcycled, and decorated to help make the space my own…starting with this Geometric Gold Dipped Decor!

Geometric Gold Dipped Decor

The overall color scheme for the room is teal, grey, white, and gold. I was able to pick up a few great gold accents for my shelves and walls, but I wanted to bring a little bit more of it into the room. So, I grabbed some basic supplies and turned plain white things into Gold Dipped decor. Here’s how.

You’ll need:

FolkArt Brushed Metal Paint
Painters’ Tape
White furniture/decor

Optional: Mod Podge Mega Glitter Gold

First, I decorated this adorable spinning marker holder I found at my local HomeGoods store.

Gold Dipped Marker and Pencil Holder

All I did was apply painter’s tape to the container diagonally, going around the container. When I reached the bottom, I started applying the tape diagonally back up to the top.  Then, I painted three coats of FolkArt Brushed Metal Gold above my tape line. It’s important to let the paint dry between coats. Then, I removed the tape and was left with this pretty result!

The other piece I decorated this way was a little white stool that I’m using as an end table next to my comfy chair. I turned the stool upside down on top of a dropcloth and applied painter’s tape around each leg. I lined up the bottom of my tape with where the horizontal pieces of the stool came across and touched the legs. That way I knew all the tape was at the same height.

Then, I painted the area above the tape, giving it two coats of Brushed Metal Gold. I wanted the legs to sparkle a little, so once the paint was dry, I applied three coats of Mod Podge MegaGlitter Gold. Once again, it’s important to let each coat dry before you add another. I absolutely love the way the Extreme Glitter makes the legs twinkle in the light!

These projects took very little time and effort, and very few supplies, but you can see that adding the touches of gold completely changed how they look! This quick and easy technique is a great way to add instant elegance to all kinds of home decor and furniture pieces. What do you think? What do you have in your own room that could use a little gold enhancement?

Gold Dipped Decor

Don’t forget to check out the full craft room reveal, as well as the podcast for suggestions on creating a space you love! And don’t forget to put a pin on it for later.

Gold Dipped Decor

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