Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: D

Friends, I hope you’re enjoying our deep dive into the Brush Script alphabet. Every day this month, we will be focusing on a different letter and how to create it using brush technique. This means we’ll be using a brush pen and changing the amount of pressure we apply to it in order to create both thick and thin lines. (For a more in-depth look at this technique, start with this basic brush strokes post!) Today, we’re going to be practicing the Brush Script D.

Brush Script D Practice Sheets

Unlike the letter C we practiced in the previous post, a Brush Script D can be formed in many different ways. There are lots of stylistic variations, as well as ways to flourish the stem of the lowercase letter. Today, we’re going to learn two versions of both the capital and lowercase D; the first will be simple and the second will be a bit more advanced. Let’s get started with our basic versions, shown below.

Drawing a Capital Brush Script B

The left side of this capital “D” is simply a straight, thick downstroke. The right side is an overturn with a loop to finish, just like what we did when writing the Brush Script B. As you practice, you can separate the strokes, but eventually you’ll want to be able to form the whole letter without picking up your pen. As always, remember to press down on the tip of your pen when making a downstroke, and release the pressure anytime you switch to an upstroke.

Drawing a Lowercase Brush Script D

The simple lowercase Brush Script “d” is a combination of a “c” shape and a loop. You’ll start by writing a “c,” just like we practiced last time, then without picking up your pen, transition into a loop. We learned this loop when we wrote the lowercase “b,” remember?

Advanced Capital D

If you’d like to try a more complicated capital, here’s another option. The first step is to draw a downstroke with a small loop on the end that extends out to the right. Next, you’ll pick up your pen and place it back at the top of your downstroke. Form a small swirl that crosses the downstroke and goes over the top of your existing shape. Continue into a downstroke that connects with the bottom of your shape. This is one of the more difficult letters to form, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come at all naturally when you start practicing it.

Advanced Lowercase D

To add some extra flair to the lowercase “d,” we’re going to add a flourish. You’ll begin in the same way, by forming a “c” shape, but this time instead of continuing into a loop, you’ll pick up your pen. Now, you’ll start out to the left of the letter and begin forming your loop there, as shown below. This is one of my favorite ways to embellish a “d.”


To help you master these letters, I’ve created three practice sheets. The first focuses on the strokes and letters for the basic versions we learned first. The second sheet focuses on the more advanced variations. The final sheet is designed to help you connect the simple lowercase “d” to the other letters you’ve learned so far. To use them, just click the link below and download the files to your device. Then, print them out, or open them in the Procreate app on your iPad to use them digitally.


Brush Script D Practice Sheets

Feel free to use and re-use these sheets as often as you like for your own personal practice. I hope you find them helpful as you continue in your brush lettering journey.

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As you practice, I’d love to see your progress. Share your photos in our Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group or on Instagram. Don’t forget to Pin this post for future reference and to share with all your lettering pals.

Brush Script D Practice Sheets

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